''Mr. Cowboy''

By:Elizabeth Dickerson


Bob Lilly once said,"A man has to figure out what has to be done and how to do it.You have to be able to spin out of a block, recognize a play immediately and then react accordingly.I figure I'm as strong as anyone else; so getting the job done becomes a matter of pride and determination." Bob Lilly was an amazing football player. In fact he had unusual speed, strength, intelligence and recovery ability.
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Bob Lilly was born on July 26,1939, in Olney, Texas,and grew up in Throckmorton, Texas. He and his family moved to Pendleton, Oregon his senior year of high school.While Lilly lived in Oregon he was an All-star football and basketball player. After he graduated he moved back toTexas for a football scholarship at Texas Christian University. At TCU Lilly became a two time All-South West Conference pick and a consensus All-American choice, he managed to get all of these accomplishments before the Dallas Cowboys selected him as their first ever draft choice in 1961.


First of all, Bob Lilly accomplished many things while he was with Dallas. In his fourteen seasons of playing he only missed one game,which he missed with a leg injury.In 1975 Lilly was the first player enlisted into the Cowboys Ring of Honor, he was also inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1980,after he spent his entire career with Dallas.Bob Lilly played in 196 consecutive regular-season games and was selected to play in eleven pro bowls.Bob Lilly was so great at football that he was commonly known as 'Mr. Cowboy'.In his career he scored four touchdowns,three of which were fumble recoveries and the fourth was a seventeen yard interception return.Altogether he returned eighteen fumbles for 109 yards.
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"It was a game of survival more than anything else," Lilly told Sports Day of the Ice Bowl. Bob Lilly was among the early Cowboys to compete against the Green Bay Packers in the famous December 31, 1967 NFL Championship game, otherwise known as the Ice Bowl. Lilly heard of the bad weather from his teammate George Andrie, even though the skies were clear and it was sunny. Andrie walked in Bob Lilly's room and didn't even say anything,all he did was grab a glass of water and dump it on the closed window. The water froze immediately. At game time it was thirteen degrees below zero, there was also fifteen mph wind. The Cowboys lost seventeen to twenty-one,and some of the players have a numb memory of the game with the frostbite they got.
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Lilly playing in the Ice Bowl NFL Championship Game against Green Bay.


Bob Lilly discovered a new passion at the end of his final season at TCU. After being named to the Kodak All-American team, Lilly was invited on a trip to New York to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show,and attend parties in the teams honor. One of the sponsor's gave Bob Lilly a camera. From then on he was hooked. While with the Cowboys in 1967, he served as a photographer for the Texas Air National Guard, spending two weeks with the unit at an air base in West Germany. While Lilly was living in New Mexico, in the late 80's, he opened a photo art gallery with multiple dark rooms. Lilly also co-authored a book called 'Bob Lilly Reflections',the book combined black and white photographs he took of teammates with stories of the early Cowboys. His photos and words captured the era when watching the Cowboy games first became a national pastime, the beginning of America's team.


Robert Lewis Lily, 6'5", 260 lbs, was one of the best Dallas Cowboys of all time. Lilly is the only Dallas Cowboy to wear the number seventy-four, which is the only number unofficially retired by the team.Bob Lilly's unusual strength was showed in the 1971 Superbowl V game.In frustration to losing to the Colts thirteen to sixteen, Lilly took his helmet off and threw it fifty yards across the field. All in all Bob Lilly is an outstanding athlete and a favorite to many.


"My hero when I was a boy was Sammy Baugh,who was in the pros already,but he came from a little town near where I grew up."

"Today,free agency takes away a lot of your heroes, they go somewhere else.Some of them don't but a lot of them do-take the higher offer to go somewhere else. Ans, it turns the fans off because they get attached to the players."

"A man has to figure out what has to be done and how to do it. You have to be able to spin out of a block,recognize a play immediately and then react accordingly. I figure I'm as strong as anyone else; so getting the job done becomes a matter of pride and determination."

"It was a game of survival more than anything else."