Westview Weekly

Success for all, whatever it takes!

Issue 25: February 8-12, 2016

Blessings to each of you on this blustery Monday morning!

This is a far cry from Saturday when I was moving in shorts and a sweatshirt. Today, nothing short of a fleeced lined parka seems appropriate. No matter the weather outside, it's a great day for learning at Westview!

Although the structure of the short week will present some obstacles, I know that each of you has diligently planned engaging activities that will make the students forget how cold it is outside and how exciting a 4-day weekend is.

Having a large number of parents and family members in the building is always one of my favorites about being an administrator. This week will bring many opportunities for us to (re)connect with families during classroom parties and Parent/Teacher conferences. I hope that you use this time to celebrate with parents as well as have honest conversations during conferences. Our students are our #1 customer, and we have the chance to demonstrate our best customer service this week.

Should you have any conferences that you would like me, Rita, a reading coach, or counselor to sit in on, please let us know. We relish the opportunity to support you during this time.

Friday will also bring us a time to sit and learn together as a team! I cannot wait to learn alongside you about the 8 Mathematical Practices, and I'm even more excited to watch your team's put the learning into practice during your time together.

While the week may bring some challenges, know that I walk alongside you for each of them. Many blessings to each of you this week.

Educationally yours,



CFA #4 - Please administer CFA #4 this week to your class this week. Data should be added to the spreadsheet by the end of the week.

Team Meetings

No team meetings this week. Please use time to prepare for conferences or as needed by your grade level/department team.

PLC - Wednesday

We will meet in the gym for a couple of quick conversations regarding professional development flex days (documentation, making learning visible, etc.) as well as My Learning Plan expectations.

A Look Ahead


10 - Valentine's Parties (4th/5th 9:30-10:15; Pre-K 12:30-1:15; K-3 1:30-2:15)

10 - 3rd Grade Arts Partners @ 9:00 am

11 - P/T Conferences @ 1-7 pm

12 - No School / Teacher In-service


17 - 8 Mathematical Practices Training (8:30-11:30 2nd & 3rd; 12:00-3:00 4th & 5th)

18 - 8 Mathematical Practices Training (8:30-11:30 Kdg & 1st; 12:00-3:00 Admin & IC)

22 - Faculy Meeting @ 4 pm

23 - Staff Appreciation Dinner @ 5:00-6:30 (please provide RSVP to Shari Galey)

25 - 2nd Grade Music Performance @ 6:30 pm

Happy Birthday to You!


10 - Nancy Joe Block

12 - Caitlin Lash

17 - Janel Rebello

20 - Deana Miller

22 - Michelle Caron

22 - Mandy Croft

23 - Chelsea Lane