Middle School Campus

May 2023

Principal's Corner

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We wish you and your family a safe and restful Memorial Day Weekend. The Middle School Campus recognizes and honors our U.S. military who have died while serving in the armed forces. We thank members of the armed forces and their families for their sacrifice.

Please review the following important notices:

  • Yesterday, 5/25, progress reports and a June events calendar (see below) went home with your child.
  • No School 5/26-5/29 in honor of Memorial Day.

Please join us in congratulating our third marking period honor roll students. We are proud of your achievements and perseverance this school year! Please view student names at the link below.

3rd Marking Period Honor Roll

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Summer Opportunities

Throughout May and June there will be lots of opportunities to sign up for Summer Sports Camps and other fun things to do this Summer. There will be a running list of events posted on the Announcement Page. Please stop to the Main Office for a flyer to take home if you see something on the Announcement page that interests you. 😎

* BOCES Free Summer Classes
* Summer Youth TRACK Camp
* Wboro VOLLYBALL Camp
* 4-H Conservation Days
* Livi Strong SOCCER FEST June 24 and 25 @ Wyman Memorial Park
* Wboro SOCCER Camp
* Wboro BASEBALL Camp
* MVCC Youth Science & Tech Summer Camps HELD AT WBORO MIDDLE SCHOOL
* 3 ON 3 Girls Basketball Summer League
* Whitestown Pop Warner Cheerleading and Football
* Whitestown Summer Program
* Summer Reading Challenge 2023
* Summer Reading Skills Program - ONLINE ONLY

MVCC Math Corps Summer Camp

2023 Whitesboro Challenge Coin Hunt

The Middle School Campus students (Grades 6, 7, and 8) were issued the first ever Challenge Coin Hunt. A special Coin was hidden somewhere outside on the Middle School Campus and clues were released each day to help students find its location. The clues were meant to make the students think and problem solve in an effort to find the coin. There was a prize that went along with the coin, and the student who found it got to keep the coin and the prize! This year, the coin was found twice, first by sixth graders Sophia Schwarz and Elizabeth Schoen and then by seventh grade student Hayden Reppel, with the help of Jake Hall, Reaghan Henderson, and Landon Pearsall. Congratulations!

6th Grade Syracuse Mets Game 6/24

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7th Grade Visits Fort Stanwix

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Middle School Carnival Day 5/24

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Middle School Carnival Day Winners List

Carnival Day took place at the Middle School on Wednesday 6/24. The list of winners is below:

Sticky Marbles winners

Frank Brown

Noelle Webster

Matt Bruno

Colin LoGalbo

Dustin Meulengracht

Spoons winners

Rose Bailey

Jill Huening

Isabella Bolton

Arianna Johnson

Elizabeth Friot

Emily Quinn

Olivia Coleman

Alex Bazan

Bella Venezzotti

Robert Lewis

Water Pong winners

Gabby Dudek

Sophia Dziedzic

Sarah Horning

Christian Vella

Savannah Dapre

Unstack It winners

Jalyn Castleberry

Astrid Figueroa

Michael Heysham

Harvest Seavey

Amber Warren

Addyson Merritt

Adrianna Fanelli

Mia Eanniello

Liam Hagadorn

Remi Graves

Bouncy Balls winners

Denisa Seferagic

Tim Lutsyk

Hole in One winners

Luca Lazic

Maisey Gerace

Chloe Rowan

Haden Reppel

Isabella Perry

Jacob Dongsavanh

Kevin Barry

Ace Cieslak

Brooke Kernan

Kai Alcorace

Quarter Game winners

Lana Moore

Ashley Attilio

James Rotundo

Mia Warren

Logan Coonrod

Evie Gwilt

Topple Tennis winners

Sophie Coons

Matt Corrigan

Aiden Tepic

Damien Brigham

Art Winners

Katie O'Donnell

Zoe Dowe

Spring Concert Photos

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District Art Show

Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! This year, Mental Health America is challenging students to look around and within. Look around - take time to notice your surroundings and look within - how do your surroundings affect you? We encourage you to check in on yourself daily and reach out for support when you need to. At the Whitesboro Middle School and throughout the district, we support mental health and will join the Light Up Green campaign. Our clock tower will remain illuminated with the color green throughout the month! Students are also encouraged to participate in a quick daily mental health activity to continue to focus on their overall well-being. A healthy mind is unbeatable - Happy Mental Health Month!
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ICAN Digital Citizenship Training for Students

This month during Social Studies classes students received a Digital Citizenship training from professionals at ICAN. Students learned about the impact social media can have on relationships and ways students can make better choices and engage in positive interactions online. Positive social media outcomes such as friendships, sense of belonging, interest groups, community, support, activism and advocacy, self-expression and creativity, access to information were topics discussed. Negative social media outcomes such as excessive usage, false sense of reality, loss of meaningful connection, misinformation, and social comparison were further topics discussed. Cyberbullying, how to handle it and where to seek help was also included in the presentation.

If you have questions or concerns about your child and the online environment please contact your child's school counselor.