Coach Bess' Literacy Connection

Balancing Digital Literacy across Curriculums

How can I mix literacy with technology?

eCLASS is the best answer!

  • Substitute paper and pencil assignments with a Dropbox assignment.
  • Augment your classroom discussions by posting a thread on the Discussion Tool.
  • Modify your lesson by giving variations of ways to complete your task assigned. Try giving students an opportunity to showcase their digital intelligence, but give them expectations that they must follow. Once students create, you supply a link on your News Feed that will redirect them to a Padlet page, a Linoit page, or a Google document where students can share their work and receive comments or suggestions in real time to review their work before they submit a final draft to you.
  • Redefine your next meeting by utilizing Google Hangout or Polycom Real Presence to interact with teachers in Gwinnett county schools or outside the United States. Receive direct feedback from other teachers and administrators.

What can we do to remain relevant in education?

To continue sharpening our instructional tool belts, here are a few ways that I have sharpened my tool belt this year as an Instructional Coach:

  • Literacy Leadership Team
  • Gifted Endorsed
  • Coach Endorsed
  • K-12 Literacy Coach cohort
  • eCLASS Transformational Teaching cohort
  • eCLASS lead innovator committee
  • attended the 2015 National Teachers Conference @ the Ron Clark Academy
  • Google for Education certification training
  • 2015 Analyzing the Standards committee member
  • Assessment Key Review committee member
  • Gwinnett County Public School's First "Career Exploration Fair" planning team member
  • Co-facilitator during the Teaching and Learning: Bringing IT conference
  • Shiloh Middle School's Leadership Academy member

If you would like details on any of the above workshops, please feel free to inquire about the impact it made on teaching and learning.

Professional Development: Strategies for Coaching Adults

Parent Literacy Workshop: "Literally" Keeping Our Parents In the Know

Technology Happening Around Shiloh MS

Modeling & Practicing in Action: Teachers Analyzing Student Writing Samples

8th LA rubric review
Sometimes, technology is great for feedback, but every now and then, a little one on one communications works better. The video above under Modeling & Practicing in Action highlights how rich conversations can be in class if we teach students what it looks like to analyze their own work or others by looking at the rubrics.
Don't you hate how you learn so many different strategies during professional development, but have no idea how you can implement it, if it's being done correctly, or if it was actually effective to your students? Click on the hyperlink above to see what Shiloh Middle School offers to combat this problem.

Data, Data...let's talk all about it!

Many times teachers hate the mere mention of data. However, if you spice up your data talks a little, teachers won't feel the tension as much. If you want to analyze data, record the discussion, and move instruction forward, why not try using web 2.0 tools to jazz it up? Make jazzy themes and competitions for teachers to outperform themselves each time students take the district developed assessments. If student's performance improve, class averages improve, the teacher looks good, and so does the school! It's a win-win for all parties involved.

Student Engagement during Class is a Must Have, so why shouldn't Teacher Engagement be equally as important in staff developments?

Using Kahoot to Gain Teacher Engagement
Teacher Resources

Click the above button to grab the how to's and suggestions for Integrating Technology into your classroom.

Coaching with Technology

Teaching can be difficult; technology can be chaotic. So how do you bridge the gap? Time, continual practice, and having me in your corner!