Bee questions

by matthew and drew

1. What impact do they make on the lives of other animals?

Answer: They impact them by pollinating flowers, apples, almonds, Etc. 90 percent of all organisms would die without honey bees.

2. How long does it take to form honey?

Answer: There is no definite answer, it depends on the amount of nectar used.

3. Is the bee life cycle connected to the life cycle of other animals?

Answer: Yes, they pollinate flowers so flowers can reproduce, feeding some types of herbivores, they also make honey which humans eat and bears sometimes like to eat honey combs.

4. What would you do if you were in the honey bee’s shoes?

Answer: We would be drones / male honey bees and would sacrifice ourselves for our colony after we mate.

5. What process does honey go through from nectar to honey?

Answer: First workers go out and search for an area rich with nectar. Then older workers go out and gather the nectar and return it to the hive. At the hive it goes into a comb and is then fanned by the bees, it later cools and becomes honey.