November,16 2012

The Deadly Hurricane

Hurricane Dennis was a destructive hurricane. It caused 32 deaths. The damage cost was 1 to 2.5 million dollars . Hurricane Dennis was a catagory five huricane . A catagory five is the highest that a hurricane can have.All the hurricane catagories hvae different speeds. Catagory one is 74-95 miles per a hour,Catagory two is 96-100 miles per a hour, Catagory three is 111-130 miles per a hour, Catagory four is 131-135 miles per a hour.Most hurricanes are a catagory one to two . When a catagory one happens. There are also a few trees knocked down but that would be the maximum damage you would see. During Hurricane Dennis people were having to put boards on the windows and some people lost there homes.The Hurricane mostly effected Florida and Alabama those were the only states that were badly damaged . Hurricane Dennis was big and wide. The hurricane was about a mile long. Most people knew it was coming so they were able to get to safety. Hurricane Dennis had winds that could toss a car over 100 yards. The damage was horrible to many people . Hurricane Dennis cost 1.25 million in damages in Florida and Alabama. The name of Hurrican Dennis came from a man's name , the hurricane seasons are May 15 thry November 30, so it was a unusal hurricane. The hurricane reached land on July 4th 2005.The hurricane was named by the phonetic alphabet and that is how all hurricanes get names including dennis . There were 3 hurricanes before dennis there names all started with A, B, C. Becaused Dennis started with a D . Dennis top wind speed was (240Km/H) some people experience poer outages for four days. About 50,000 tourist in the Florida keys were forcedd to evalucate on July 8.Hurricane's can be very dangerous . Just like Hurricane Dennis is just one of the hurricane's that has impacted the united states. So if you ever hvae a hurricane come into your area you will need to take safety precautiouns. All hurricanes are deadly and can hurt you and the best place to take cover is under Hannah shipman