Speech To The American Equal Right

New York City, May 9, 1867

Equal Rights!

People hould learn how to treate people equally , wether they are colored, different, etc. Everyone is equal no matter how they look we are all human beings. In this article women want their rights too. They want to be able to vote not just take care of the kids. For colored people good thing slavery got tooken away not completely but you don't see it as much as back then.

Women Will Not Give up.

This women is almost 80 years old. She is fighting for freedom for slavery to be over. Luckily she has been slave free for 40 years. She is ready to leave but she knows she has to stay and break the chain fight for the womens place. Not just because we are women that doesn't mean we cannot work or have our freedom.

Some Free Slaves!


Frequently Asked Questions

Some people need to read more about slavery and understand that colored people are human beings too. They are suppose to be treated equally. How would you feel if you were discriminated or something like that? I bet it wouldn't feel good or would it?

We Are Equal!