Mrs. Jump's Newsletter

First Grade 2015-2016

Note From the Teacher

This was another fantastic week in first grade. We explored finding the problem & solution in stories we read, but we learned how to use picture clues and word clues to justify our thinking. We also spent time building reading stamina and practicing our literacy stations. Our literacy stations will be up and running by October 1st and I will begin meeting with small groups. In Writing we began our unit on writing personal narratives. We will spend a few weeks learning the components of writing these. In math we began Unit 2. In Science we continued force and motion and had fun working in teams to build ramps that would allow objects to roll at minimum of 12 inches. Today we tested our ramps with the other first grade classes in order to see which team built the best ramp. We had a blast!!!!

Class Calendar

Upcoming Explorations


Telling the major events in fiction stories


Story Narratives (small moment stories)


Addition in story problems by using circle drawings and equations


Animal Needs & Structures


We had 100% ATTENDANCE this week! Our classroom attendance goal is 95.8%. Thank you for helping us meet our goal this week! You guys knocked it out of the park! Each day that we have 100% attendance, our class earns a letter. Once we earn all of the letters in the word "Attendance", our class earns an incentive. We are currently 4 letters away!

Classroom Needs

We currently need disinfectant wipes and any small toys/candy for our classroom treasure box. Each Friday, the students have the option to cash in their signatures to pick something from the treasure box. We are starting to run low on candy and small rewards. If you are able to help, please let me know. :-)

School Picture Day

Wednesday, Oct. 7th, 8:30am

518 North Hampton Avenue

Republic, MO


Last week, our class completed our Unit 1 Mathematics Test. On the pre-assessment, we had 5% of our class score met or advanced. On the post-assessment, we had 89% of our class score met or advanced. This is wonderful data and I am so proud of how hard each student worked during Unit 1.


This week, Ms. Traylor came to our classroom and taught a lesson on Kindness. We really enjoyed ourselves and had the opportunity to make a classroom chain to display in our classroom. Each link on the chain has an idea on how to show kindness.