Mrs. Bratcher's 3rd grade

Every day's a Good day.

Procedural Text

This week, we will be learning about procedural text. That includes reading directions, writing directions, reading recipes... At home, ask your child to read the directions off of a box while you prepare dinner. Or ask your child to explain how to do something. Every directions is important - make sure they don't skip one!

Spelling Tests

Spelling Tests will continue to be on Fridays. Students bring home their list every Monday, so please help your child understand the rule, how to apply it, and how to spell the words chosen each week.

Reading Homework

Reading homework will continue to go home through the 4th 6-weeks. It is IMPORTANT to practice this with your child. In reading and when working at school with our reading passages, we are emphasizing PROVING our answers. There are clues within the text and sometimes, the answer is written outright. We need to be detectives to find the answer, or find enough clues to infer a correct answer.

Valentine Party

Friday, Feb. 12th, 9pm

16302 Texas 493 Loop

Lubbock, TX

More information to come. This is also a half-day (noon dismissal).