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Friday, October 30, 2015

Hello from KA!

The last two weeks have been a blur! We have been so busy becoming amazing readers, writers, mathematicians, and friends in our classroom. We have been building friendships with KB students.

The last two weeks we have been focusing on our Social-Emotional Health in Morning Meeting and Closing Circle. A big topic we have been taking time to fully explore is Feelings. We have read several books about different feelings (anger, lonely, jealous), and had some very rich conversations about how it is okay to have these feelings! From there we have brainstormed different strategies for dealing with our feelings. What do you do when you feel angry? Or lonely? Or jealous? Please check in with your child about their ideas for handling these strong emotions.

Please note that school begins at 8:30am each day. We open our classroom at 8:10am to students and students should arrive as close to 8:10am as possible so that we can begin our school day.

Music in KA

Musicians in KA continued build their rhythmic skills by using their rhythmic sticks and other percussion instruments! We explored Rhythm and Beats through dance, by playing along to the story Thump Thump Rat-a-Tat-Tat (Gene Baer) and later had opportunities to create our own musical patterns with different instruments such as castanets, jingle sticks and sand blocks.

A Science Update From Ms. Rosabal!

We our continuing are study of trees by learning all about leaves: the role they play in helping trees breathe, their physical structure, and even why they change color! Kindergarten dendrologists have learned that chlorophyll is a chemical in trees that helps convert sunlight into glucose (food) and is also responsible for the green color in leaves. They have also gotten to do some hands-on exploring of autumn leaves by doing leaf rubbings in class and looking at leaves up close. Soon we will dig in to what trees can make, and what organisms can live in trees!

Kindergarten is moving along in ART — for sure!

Most K-ART classes are happening in the Studio Lab now — and your artists love it. We’ve been doing a great deal of drawing and painting lately to get used to the Studio Lab and to establish studio routines. K artists created amazing papers using oil pastels and paint with brushes (as well as sticks for scratching patterns). They will use these papers for their IB “Community” mural project as well as new bark for our aging BPCS tree (see photos here). Please look for our work in the school lobby—on eight. The tree will change quickly as the weather is getting cold. Enjoy!!

¡KA se mueve en Español!

KA continues to explore the Spanish language through immersion. In our Spanish class we have been exploring our feelings. ¿Cómo te sientes? Feliz, triste, cansado. We keep discovering body parts in Spanish and with that our esqueletos. We love to move the skeleton. ¡Mueve el esqueleto, mueve el esqueleto!

We created esqueletos because Día de los Muertos is around the corner (Nov. 2), so it’s time for our Day of the Dead Altar. We have been learning about this tradition and creating art to display it on our altar. We celebrate this day as a happy moment of remembrance of our loved ones who have passed away. Come check out our altar on the 8th floor.


Keep practicing our songs at home. Here one of our new favorite hit:


Muchas Gracias,

Ms. Rosado

Día de los Muertos Altar

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Hello from Tiffany and Anita

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