Crisis in the 1900's towns

Antonio Period 3

Essential Question:

What roles do leaders play in shaping the way a community responds to a crisis and in preventing other crises?

The roles that leaders play in how they shape a community to respond to crisis is that they help the community to cope to what has happened or they help keep the citizens calm. In James Brown saves Boston, he was a leader because people looked up to him and he helped stop a riot from starting in Boston. In The Two Towns of Jasper, I believe the leader was Mike Lout because he helped the people of both sides talk and broadcast what they say about the murder and he helped Louis Berry in writing an apology to the Byrd family because he felt sad about what happened to their family member, but he doesn't say that Shawn should not get the death penalty.

James Byrd Jr.

Man executed for Byrd dragging death

The Questions of the Day!

1. The divided cemetery in Jasper, Texas shows what kind of race relation between blacks and whites?

A- Color lines very clearly drawn

2. During the time when James Brown was saving Boston with his concert, what was the biggest problem throughout the South of the U.S?


3.In Two Towns of Jasper, in the end of the movie, what were they becoming instead of staying separated exclusive?


4. What effect did James Brown concert cause to stop everyone from rioting and destroying Boston?

A-The Healing Effect

5.Between the blacks and whites, what were going on between each other, that they had some bad relations?

A-Race Relations