Internet Find of the Week - December 17, 2012


At our Thanksgiving in-service, one of my groups took a look at Evernote. It's one of my favorite web tools. Evernote is where I keep things like written notes, audio notes, pictures, business cards, recipes, and clippings from web sites.

If you like organization (Really, who doesn't like organization?), Evernote is your new best friend. It allows you to organize your notes into notebooks. For even more organizational possibilities, Evernote allows you to stack notebooks together.

Email me if you are interested in written instructions about how you can use Evernote.

Evernote Introduction: Windows

Siesta Scripture Memory Team 2013 and Evernote

Beth Moore is offering the Siesta Scripture Memory Team Challenge again this year. The challenge is easy, memorize 2 Bible verses each month. The idea is to do this in community. Considering community is one thing we do really well around here, I thought some of you might like to join in on the fun.

For more information about the Siesta Scripture Memory Team 2013 Challenge -- Click Here

If Scripture memory is difficult for you, I have 2 great tools that can help you to memorize Scripture. The first tool is Evernote.

1. Create an Evernote account. Once you register, Evernote will send you an email to confirm your registration. If you don't get that email, check your Spam folder, it will be there.

2. Create a Notebook in Evernote called Scripture Memory Team 2013.

3. Create a note with your first verse.

4. Add a recording of yourself reading the verse. It might be good idea to record yourself reading the verse several times.

5. If you have a smartphone or iPad, install the Evernote app and access your verses anytime you need them.

Evernote and Scripture Memory

Bible Memory Verses App

This iPhone app, as the name implies, is a tool to help memorize Bible verses. You enter the verse you want to memorize, it creates blanks, and even allows you to record yourself reading the verse.

Find Bible Memory Verses app in the App Store -- Click Here

Here's the TED Talk Mr. Bertino's Bible class watched last week.

Ernesto Sirolli: Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!

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