East Tawas

A place where I can relax

Great Getaways: Downtown East Tawas - Tawas, MI

A Place Up North With A Nice Relaxing Beach...

My cottage is in East Tawas. When the weather is good I love to bike to the beach with my friends and go for a swim. There is also a few stores by the pieer. The Kite store, Ice cream store, and a small mini-market. Also their is a one of a kind food their called a 'Pronto Pup" they are basically a hotdog on a stick wrapped in a nice warm pancake.

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A Nice Visit To Town...

In the small town there is a lot of shops and restaurants. There is 2 candy shops, 5 restaurants, 1 old fashioned movie theater, 1 jewelry store, a market, and also a bank.
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Lots Of History...

In East Tawas one of my favorite things to do is go visit the lighthouse. Or even the museum on the beach. It's really cool to walk up the lighthouse and see the view. Also the museum has food and free stuff!!!
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A Little Haunted...

In East Tawas there is always a really good haunted house or to... Even if it isn't Halloween. I live 2 streets away from town and just a few blocks away there is this really creepy haunted house. This old lady just sits there at night in her house with 1 light on rocking in her rocking chair. Also across the street away from me there is a pink house and there is a legend of the pink lady.
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A Nice Boat Day...

If you are just taking a small vacation to Tawas there are places to park and keep your boat. Also you can go to a small secrete beach with a boat and hangout a whole day there!!! I don't have a boat but our friends let us use theirs and it was really fun to tube or park the boat and chill for a bit. And also go swimming in the water
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" All I Need Is A Few Days At The Beach" Because a few days in East Tawas would be all I need to get a excuse from reality.
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