PMA Weekly Newsletter

May 5, 2016

This Week's News & Reminders

  • Summer Registration Now Open!
  • Recitals are May 14th and 15th. Sign-ups are in the front lobby
  • Rob Clearfield, Jazz Pianist at PMA May 7th at 7:30
  • Student Spotlight - Sophia Keil

Meet Sophia Keil - PMA Spotlight Student of the Week!

Sophia is in 10th grade and started piano lesson at PMA in 1st grade. For the past two years Sophia has been taking private music theory/history lessons at PMA, where she enjoys exploring the connections between world history and music development. In addition to her music studies at PMA, Sophia is a serious flutist. She has performed in the Wisconsin State High School Honors program and plans to pursue flute performance at the college level. Sophia is always positive and represents a high level of commitment to her musical studies.

Kari Engleson - Sophia's teacher
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PMA 2016 Jazz Series: Rob Clearfield

Saturday, May 7th, 7:30pm

798 Lois Drive

Sun Prairie, WI

  • Solo piano concert by one of Chicago's finest!
  • Listen to the trailer for his upcoming album Here
  • Tickets are $10. All proceeds go to PMA's Jazz Program
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