Burma (Myanmar)

Chelsea McCormick

Climate Review:

  • tropical monsoon- considerable amount of sun, high rainfall, high humidity
  • 22-27 degrees Celsius year-round
  • November-February: cold & dry season
  • March-April: hot & dry season
  • May-October: wet season


  • 53.26 million (2013)

Water Problems Citizens Face:

  • acute water shortage
  • water contaminated by disease
  • drought caused by long dry season
  • heavy regulations which make it difficult to dig a private well

Main Source of Water:

  • government provided wells which are contaminated, bitter, & cannot produce enough
  • assorted river basins
  • Inle Lake

How They Get Water:

  • government issued pumps/wells
  • private wells

Quality of Water:

  • bitter
  • contaminated by disease
  • high levels of arsenic

Efforts Being Made to Improve Their Water Situation:

  • emergency import of drinking water
  • nationwide campaign to teach Burmese people basic sanitation techniques & how to sanitize their water

Programs & Associations Taking Action:

  • Civil Society Network
  • Burmese government