United Arab Emirates

The City with the Tallest Building in the World

The Basics

The UAE is located on the Persian Gulf. It borders with Oman, Qatur, and Saudi Arabi. If you wanted a hot climated you have came to the right place. The weather can be as low as 45 degrees to 113 degrees. UAE is hot all day. The humid can get discomforting at times. If you looking to go to UAE during December, expect to have rain. December is their rain season.
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How to Fit in

The first thing to know about UAE is their language. Their main language is Arabic. The second most common language is English. The UAE also has Hindu, Urda, Farsi, and Filipino. They have really good manners in the UAE. Some of the good manners would be not eating with your left hand, don't ask or eat pork (they frown upon eating pork), women always wear their traditional dress, they don't drink or smoke, men shake hands, and women have to wait for the men to hold out hand before asking to shake hands. When you go to an Arabian home/office you will most likely get offered refreshments of tea or coffee. It is rude to decline the tea or coffee. Most of them are in Sunni sect. They will all pray 5 times a day.
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Digging Deeper Into Culture

They are mostly in Sunni sect. The ones that are not in Sunni sect, they are in Shi'i Muslim. The famous Landscape that are there Burj Khalifa, The World, and Palm Jumeirah. There are so many more Famous Landscape there, those are just some. In the UAE there are things that have moved over there from other countries is English. There second main language is English. They also have technology that was created in the USA. They have all the technology that we have in the USA. The food is another big thing that have moved to UAE from other countries. One of the main changes in the UAE is it is modernizing a lot of their cities.

Nicole Walter