Come to China

Ni hao! Ni hao ma?

:) Population Status :)

As of 2011, China is recorded to have up to 1.3 billion. That is 20% of the world's population as a whole!! :0
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How do they sound? 声音

Obviously, you would think that China's language would be Chinese. ;)Their official language is actually standard mandarin.
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Are they fashion lovers too? its a must ;)

Surprisingly, China seems to love fashion and all the newest styles and trends. On average, Chinese shoppers spend 2,000 euros every time they go down ' Oxford Street'. In our currency, that would be about $3,182!!! China's top 5 stores would have to be Taobao, Meilishuo, Nuandao, VIP, and Moonbasa. My favorite (in China) would have to be Meilishuo, which is exclusively about fashion: clothes, shoes, make-up, and accessories.
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Best Cities + Sites to See :)

1. Beijing- an ancient and equally modern capital.
2. Shanghai- the largest and busiest city
3. Xi'an- All about culture? This is the biggest city on China's ancient civilization and history.
4. Guilin- Known as one of 'the most beautiful places on earth' this place is reknowned for its beautiful and peaceful scenery.
5. Lastly, Hong Kong- Like no where else on earth, this is one of the most vibrant and important economic and culturistic center in the world.

Cultures and Chopsticks 食物

The Chinese actually are very big on table manners and that the best food should be presented to the senior members. You also shouldn't eat until someone says 'help yourself' or something along those lines or its considered rude and causes discomfort. China is also the hometown for chopsticks :) Nowadays (in China) their considered to be lucky gifts for marriage or other important ceremonies.
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Foodddddd- What You've Been Waiting For

China is reknowned for its great food diversity, and their amazing fried rice ;). We have many Chinese resturants here (my fave being Panda Express) but in China they do have some strange aspects. They can go from eating orange chicken, dumplings, and noodles to squid. While that doesn't sound too bad, how about living squid still thrashing and moving for you to eat!! It has a sense of danger as well, because of their powerful suction cups. Sometimes, they'll grab onto the inside of your throat and choke you. Your Welcome :)

So, What is China's Favorite Food Anyways?

Their favorite type of food happens to be rice, typcially steamed white rice. They'll eat it with almost all of their foods as its cheap and adds flavor. There are many rice 'farms' and fields in China to supply their great love of rice. :) Don't get me wrong, I love rice too, but I prefer their fried rice with shrimp!
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