A Long Way Gone

Chapters 5-8

By: Nate Moss

Internal Characterization:

Throughout the chapters, Ishmael grows as a person because of his experiences. He is faced with sadness from having to leave his brother and friends behind, and is also scared because of all of the rebel attacks, but somehow finds a way through it.

Historical Connection:

The rebels in chapters 5-8 remind me of total war, destroying any villages in their path, and killing everyone inside these villages, or taking them to fight for them in the war.

Vocab Words:


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Most of this chapter takes place in small villages around Africa, as well as the wilderness in between these villages.


Ishmael faces many different external conflicts throughout these chapters, such as when he has to escape from the wild pigs, or when he gets lost. He also spends these chapters with very little food, and is always worried about lions and leopards.
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The Wild Pigs

At one point, Ishmael is cornered in a tree by a wild pig, which keeps charging at the tree, trying to get to Ishmael. After a few minutes, that wild pig calls another and another, until there is a herd waiting for Ishmael to come down.
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After staying in a tree one night, Ishmael finds that he doesn't know the way to go, and ends up in the same tree the next night. He eventually, after being chased by wild boars, found his way out of the forest.