The Outsiders S.E Hinton


Ponyboy Curtis has two brothers Sodapop Curtis and Darry Curtis. They are greasers and greasers don’t get around too easily on their own. The Soc’s are against them and Ponyboy just cant stand to live with it anymore. Pony has alot of friends always next to him. They are all great friends and sick up for each other. Dally isn’t so innocent. He has been getting into a lot of trouble lately. Johnny is just an ordinary 16 year old who is dreaming of a place where people are just ordinary people. One day, Pony has a fight with Darry and he runs away with Johnny. As they ran to the park they got beat up by Socs. Bob is a soc who marked up Johnnys face with his rings one day. Bob started to drown Ponyboy in a fountain at the park. And Johnny pulled out his pocket knife.what happens to Bob? Ponyboy and especially Johnny was in a lot of trouble. They ran to Dally for help. Dally told them a plan. Johnny and pony followed the plan and they made it to safety at an abandond church on top of jay mountain. When the coast was clear, Dally met them at the church a few days later. They went out to eat and when they arrived at the church again, it turns out it was on fire. There were young children inside the burning church. Johnny and Ponyboy ran inside to save them and woke up in the hospital. Ponyboy wasn’t injured but dally wasn’t that bad. Was Johnny doing okay? After the rumble between the soc’s….how does Dally feel about all of it? When Ponyboy and the rest don’t know what to do and the end takes a twist with losses. what else could go wrong?