Charmed Ones Update

Week of 02/11/13

Mid Month!

We are closing in on the halfway point in the month! I will be checking in with all of the leaders. Remember to check in with your first line to see where they are, where they want to be, and what they need from you. There are several of you looking at Leading Designer and Team Leader...and a couple of you closing in on Senior Team Leader!! Our sales as of 2:00 on 02/12/13 are $10,100 GV. We're just under halfway to our low goal. Keep working hard! What do you have left this month? How is March looking? Remember now is the time to check in with those friends that said "oh maybe I'll have a party sometime" and perhaps offer and extra incentive when they book a party. If you are stuck or need help - just reach up! We are always here to help you.

Those of you with 1-2 designers in your first line - Remember you'll need at least 1 designer to do $99PV+, you'll need $250PV, and you'll need a GV of $500. And one designer cannot make up more than 50% of that GV. (Leading Designer)

Those of you with 3+ designers in your first line - Remember you'll need 3 designers to do $99PV+, you'll need $500PV, and you'll need a GV of $1500. And one designer cannot make up more than 50% of that GV. (Team Leader)

Those of you shooting for Senior Team Leader - You'll need 5 active designers in your first line ($99+), a PV of $500, a GV of $3,000, and a Team Leader in your first line. Meaning you need one of your first line to meet all of the qualifications listed above!

Annu-OWL Conference

July 12-13th in Phoenix! You will want to fly in that Thursday as to not miss any of the fun! (If you plan on being STL or up by then you'll want to fly in Wednesday). Registration will be posted soon and early Owls can register for just $175.00 The Sheraton is fully booked right now but more hotel options will be announced soon.

Don't forget to download the dropbox! Tons of files are in there along with pictures and the webinar recordings for our team!

"I didn't get here by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it" - Estee Lauder

Some of you have said you feel like you've hit a little bit of a roadblock in your business. I just want to say - keep going! The people that succeed in direct sales are the ones that don't give up. Everyone is going to hit their own lulls - it's what you do in that lull that matters. Just keep pushing through! Keep following up with those former customers. Reach out to everyone you know! Someone will take the bite. Persistence is key. You can do this! Just promise yourself you won't give up. Find your "why" and focus on that every day. <3
Remember to email me to get entered for the LARGE O2 banner, Staples gift certificate, & Vista Print gift certificate!! $380 a piece would put us at our HIGH goal of $30k!! <3


  • My hours are 9am-9pm M-F (exception yoga on Tuesdays from 5:30-7:30) During this time I will respond to you asap. I do work 9-3 but can often respond. On the weekends it depends on my party/event/life schedule.
  • Please EMAIL me any/all business questions. Facebook messages are so easily forgotten and not easy to go back to reference. Via email I can flag your email to respond later and you have an easy way to look back at the answers!
  • Please remember to go to your mentors and to search in the Facebook groups - many answers are right there! The magnifying glass in the upper right is how you search! The big designer groups are great for ideas.. but not for general business needs.
  • I promise to you that I will do my absolute best to be the best team leader I can. I also promise to you that I will help you grow your business and to do the most you want to do with your business. That being said I am trying to change my approach a little. Instead of just giving the black and white answers - I really want to direct you guys to where you can find them yourselves. This way you can direct your own team to where to find the answers!
  • I am ALWAYS here to chat. If you need business help or to vent about something personal - I'm just an email, text, or phone call away. You guys are making my dreams possible and I am forever grateful.

We are closing in on our 100th team member!! There will be a surprise for the 100th designer & his/her mentor!

Designer Dinner - SATURDAY!

Saturday, Feb 16th, 6-8pm

180 Center Street

Auburn, ME

Designer dinner was postponed last Saturday (thanks Nemo!) to this Saturday. I hope LOTS of you can make it. This dinner is open to all active designers on the Charmed Ones team along with any other designers in Maine.

Next Charmed Ones Webinar

Tuesday, Mar 5th, 8:30-9:30pm

This is an online event.

The next team webinar! This is from the comfort of your own home. Please note - it's 8:30 EST. They usually last 30-45 minutes and I am ALWAYS open to suggestions of what you'd like me to talk about. Please mark your calendars!