North Carolina

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North Carolina is a colony with a lot of action going on. This is about how North Carolina came to be. What corn was used for and pine forests are interesting to colonists . North Carolina signed peace with Britain in 1783. North Carolina has a lot of cool facts that are very interesting.

New born North Carolina

North Carolina how it came to be first found. The settlement in Virginia proved to be very important to North Carlina but waited for a few years. Only English people lived in North Carolina in the 1630,s and 1640,s had visitors from Virginia went exploring. Virginian people entered the Carolina,s Northern areas in the late 1650,s. In 1663 the spelling changed from Caralana to Carolina as in what we spell today. About half a century passed before Carolina divided into North Carolina and South Carolina. Thats how North Carolina was growing up in colonial days.

Life in Colonial times

Pine forests are interesting Colonists. Most of the settlers moved to Virgina in North Carolina. The colonists Valued every family. The colonist of North Carolina plant corn. Many of the South Carolina,s use rice it was South Carolina,s thing. Pine forests of North Carolina was important for the colonists. That's how North Carolina growing up in colonial days.

North Carolina becomes a state

How North Carolina was becoming a state. North Carolina signed for peace with Britain in 1783. Three delegates signed constitutions for the tar heel state. The three people who signed was William Blount,Hugh williamson and Richard Dobbs spaight in 1787. In 1789 November 21st. North Carolina became a state. North Carolina,s capital is permanent and it is Raleigh. They named Raleigh after sir Raleigh.As you can see it was a process for the North Carolina to be a state.


In the end North Carolina eventually became a state. When North Carolina was discovered Virginians were going in the Northern areas. In colonial days most of the settlers in North Carolina moved to Virginia. North Carolina was signing peace and troubles. In all North Carolina is a nice state.


Century_100 years

Colonists_a person who lives in a colony

delagate_a person who is chosen or elected to vote or act for others

permanent_lasting or continuing for a very long time or forever

settlers_a person who goes to live in a new place where usually there are few or no people


Books:Colonial America 1543_1763

The North Carolina Colony

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