UG Expeditionary Thursday Update

March 14, 2019

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Algebra 1 - Scatter Plots & Association

Students just started a chapter on data analysis. On Thursday, they collected their own measurable data from different locales:

  • Grand Central Station

  • The Oculus

  • The Shops of Columbus Circle

  • Brookfield Place

Afterward, they returned to school to analyze and interpret their results. In teams, they created posters with a scatter plot of their data, a line of best fit, and a description of the association.

Ask your child what question(s) they asked and what relationship (if any) they found between their two variables.

Geometry - Trigonometry and Billiards

Students have been learning about angles, triangles, and trigonometry. On Thursday, they went to Society Billiards or Skyline Billiards to apply that knowledge and play some pool. They recorded the positions of the balls and used mathematics to analyze the game and plan the perfect shot. When they returned to school, students created a final product showing the results of their analysis.

Ask your child what differences they noticed between their analysis and how the game played out. (This is like the difference between theoretical and applied mathematics.)

Algebra 2 / Integrated Geometry - Math Matters

Students are investigating how is math used in a variety of professions. They visited different companies to look for evidence of teamwork how it contributes to the success of the organization.

The day began with watching and discussing the TED Talk: Math is the Hidden Secret to Understanding the World. They will also take the RIASEC Test, a career survey to think about what careers suit their interests. Finally, students will visit one of the following companies:

  • NYC Dept of Health

  • Fossil store

  • DC 37 Ed Fund

  • KPMG

  • Nielsen

Ask your child what they learned about the company they visited. What evidence did they see of math or teamwork at the company?

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CUNY / Calculus - Mathematical Models in Nature

Students have been studying mathematical models (e.g., Fibonacci sequence, golden ratio, tessellations, symmetry, etc.) Before the ET, students conducted research on their chosen model. On Thursday, students visited the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and Prospect Park and took photos of the natural world that match their chosen model.

Ask your child what model they studied and where they’ve seen it in nature.

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Mastery PBAT Preparation

Many of our seniors have been hard at work on their PBATs. Math Mastery PBATs at BCS require students to solve a non-routine problem at their highest level of independent mathematical thought. This Thursday they will spend the day working on their individual problem. They will need to bring to bear all their mathematical strategies to make sense of and solve their problem. Additionally, they need to prepare to explain the problem and their thought process before a panel, and answer on-demand questions.

Ask your child what their math PBAT is about. What strategies have they used so far and how effective have they been?

About BCS

Brooklyn Collaborative is a NYC Outward Bound School serving students in grades 6-12. We use the EL Education school model, which has its roots in Outward Bound.