Ivan Pavlov


The Early Days

Ivan Pavlov was born in Russia. When he was little he suffered an injury that made him not want to communicate with many people. He was the oldest one of 11 kids!. He loved to garden, cycle, swim, and row.

He attended Ryazan Ecclesiastical High School. He went to the university of St. Peterburg. He went there and all four years he studied physics. He completed his course in 1875 and received and degree of Candidate of Natural science. In 1889 he married Sarah Karchevskaya. then he died at age 86.

Why So Famous?

He is famous for conditioned reflex with dogs. He won the Nobel Prize in 1904 because of it. He helped by finding the base of reflex.
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Three Interesting Facts

1. He didn't get a actual or "real job" till he was 41 because he studied physiology his whole life.

2. He is a very massive art collector, with a massive collection of Russian art art in his art apartment.

3. He was the first scientist ever to do an experiment on a living real life animal.