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7 October 2022

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2022-2023 Academic Year Grade 12 IB TOK Exhibition

The IB students in grade 12 successfully displayed the products of their dedicated long-term work in TOK (Theory of Knowledge) lesson on Friday, September 30, 2022 at TAC’s historic Sadık Paşa Mansion. The audience of this exhibition, where the IB seniors explained the nature and source of knowledge using objects from their daily lives, were the 10IB and 11 IB classes. During the exhibition, senior IB students shared their learning experiences in the TOK classes with younger students who have just started their IB journey. TAC appreciates the hard work of grade 12 IB students and wishes them continued success.

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Photos from the IB TOK Exhibition

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TAC Graduates of Various Generations Hosted New Teachers at the Mountain House

On Saturday, October 1, members of the Tarsus American College (TAC) Alumni Association welcomed the teachers who newly joined the Tarsus American College and Tarsus SEV education staff this year at the school's mountain house in Namrun, Tarsus. The members of the TAC family enjoyed the food and drinks prepared by Betül Abla from the TAC Alumni Association, shared a conversation, and had the opportunity to get to know each other better.

After TAC Alumni Association President, Mr. Mehmet Özel (TAC'90) provided information about the history of the school to new teachers, and Mr. Akar Burduroğlu (TAC'63), representing an older generation of TAC graduates, shared the strong traditions that TAC aims to pass on to younger students. In their remarks, Mrs. Amanda Sunderman, TAC Head of School, Ms. Ayfer Aydın, Tarsus SEV Middle School Principal, and Mrs. Çiğdem Özyürekoğlu, Tarsus SEV Primary School Principal, emphasized the privilege of being a member of this family.

This special day which brought together the members of TAC Alumni Association and the new teachers continued with a hike to explore the hiking tracks in the vicinity and to see Namrun Castle. All teachers and TAC graduates, proud of being a member of this big family, ended the day by immortalizing the fascinating highland landscapes with their photographs.

Student Council Retreat

On Sunday, October 2, the elected officials of the TAC Student Council and their advisors, Mrs. Sunderman (Head of School), Ms. Borgerding (DP Business Management Teacher), Hasan Ates (Vice Principal), and Fırat Bozkurt (Head of PHE) spend the day engaging in leadership activities. The group was also joined by Necati Bey who shared his many years of leadership experience with the students. The object of the Student Council Retreat was for everyone to get to know one another, build relationships, develop leadership skills, and set goals for the first semester. It was a day full of engaging activities and everyone had a wonderful time together! The TAC community can look forward to hearing more from the Student Council as they work to fulfill their ambitious goals this year.

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Photos from the School Council Retreat

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Bus Staff Presentation on “Child Protection Policy”

Providing safe learning environments for children and young people is a major responsibility of all schools. Therefore, educators should be able to use protective, preventive and, when required, interventional programs that are integral to the school environment for serving the "best interests of the child".

The Health and Education Foundation (SEV), which oversees SEV American schools in Turkey, undertakes an awareness raising project on Child Protection to improve community understanding and knowledge in the field of child protection. As part of the project, training and seminars are organized for all constituents, from the senior administrators to teachers, cleaning staff and parents, in all seven schools affiliated with SEV.

At TAC too, we have been working for the TAC Child Protection Policy under the leadership of the Foundation. TAC Child Protection Policy is overseen by the Child Protection Committee, which is revised and updated in the beginning of each academic year, in coordination with the other SEV Schools and the Foundation. Awareness raising activities aim to promote a wider understanding of the TAC Child Protection Policy, which is developed with the work of these committees, and to share it with students, teachers and other members of the TAC community.

At TAC, all adults involved in student life are informed about the Child Protection Protocol. One of these trainings took place recently, on Wednesday, October 5, 2022 facilitated by Dr. İlker Kaba, Head of Counseling Department and Mrs. Suna Babalıklı, the Deputy Head of Department on “TAC Child Protection Policy” for the drivers of the TAC high school buses. The presentation touched on the concepts of child neglect and abuse, SEV Child Protection Policy, steps to be followed as part of the child protection policy with an introduction of TAC’s Child Protection Team. Mrs. Gözde Kıstak, Human Resources Manager, said in her concluding remarks “All staff members are expected to act with the awareness of the importance of this matter.”

News of Success of Three TAC Students

We have shared during the earlier weeks that the biology project developed by İpek İncel (12C) and Nisan Doğu (12F IB) was selected as a finalist for the Genius Olympiad 2022 Science hosted by Rochester Institute of Technology.

Our students were awarded the Bronze Medal in the Genius Olympiad 2022 Science held in New York.

Another news of success came from the music department: At the Golden Time Talent UK Music Contest, Efe İnan (11F) received the first place among more than two hundred musical compositions in 15-17 age category with his track “Kleptomania”.

Youtube link of the track:

Our students, who made us proud with their achievements, were presented their awards by Ms. Ahu Arslan, the principal, and their teachers during the closing ceremony on Friday, September 30th.

We congratulate İpek, Nisan and Efe and wish them continued success.

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"TAC University Preparation Program and YKS-2023 System" - Online seminar on “The Role of Parents in Exam Preparation Process”

The "University Preparatory Program and YKS 2023 System" seminar, which was prepared for 12th grade parents, was conducted by Domestic University Counselors Oktay Aydın and Dr. Performed by Ilker Kaba. exp. Psychological Counselor Suna Babalıklı continued with her presentation on “The Role of Parents in the Exam Preparation Process”. In addition to providing detailed information about YKS, the seminar included the topics of "Exam Psychology, Parental Attitudes Increasing Exam Anxiety, The Role of the Family in Student Success and Suggestions to Families in the Exam Preparation Process".

Our school plans to continue to support our senior students who are preparing for university, as well as their parents.

Welcoming the New Peer Counselors

As part of the Peer Counseling Project, a meet and greet event for the peer counselors of 10th and 11th grade who volunteered to receive the training was held on Wednesday, September 28, 2022. Students who participated in different group activities under the leadership of 11th grade peer counselors played various games. In this event organized by TAC’s Counseling Department, the peer counselors had the opportunity to get to know each other better and socialize with their friends, proudly sharing that they set higher goals for themselves than last year.

Second Turkish Regional Conference of the European Youth Parliament to be Hosted by TAC

Tarsus American College is preparing to host the The European Youth Parliament (EYP) conference between 20-23 October 2022. This conference, which will bring together young people from all over Europe, will be the first official European Youth Parliament conference to be held in the Mediterranean region.

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) is one of the largest platforms for political debate, intercultural dialogue and youth in Europe, as well as being a network of institutions run voluntarily by young people in 40 countries.

Established in 1987, the European Youth Parliament has become a hub for European leaders of the future by organizing national and international conferences and offering students an excellent learning experience.

Our students continue their preparations for this conference where TAC will be hosting nearly 100 participants.

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The Earth Prize

Dear TAC Family,

The Earth Prize is a global $200,000 environmental sustainability competition for students between the ages of 13 and 19 which will reward the teams whose projects have the most potential to address environmental issues.

Through The Earth Prize, students are challenged, mentored, and inspired to effect real change by designing their own environmental sustainability projects, products, organizations or enterprises.

Every participant in The Earth Prize will engage with original bespoke materials and get personalized mentorship from university students. They will also have the opportunity to interact with the world-renowned Ambassadors and showcase their solutions to a global audience.

The winning solution will have real-world impact potential, and the winning team will receive $100,000 (from a $200,000 total prize), to be split between their school and the team members.

In order to participate the competition please review the poster below.

Good luck!

Our IB Brochure is updated

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Counseling Services Handbook is updated

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Monthly YKS Bulletin

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YKS Exam Preparations at TAC

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