JCMS Team 10

September 30 - October 4, 2019

Schoolwide Information

October 11--End First Quarter

Language Arts

This Monday, September 30th, we will have an open-note, open-book quiz over "The Tell Tale Heart." Following the quiz, students will complete their one-pagers, which are due Tueday at the start of class. We will then defend the actions of the narrator in a mock trial, and then finish out the week with a cummulative writing task addresing our essential quetion: "How and why is truth manipulated?" Students will have time to work in class, but it is important to manage time to complete taks.

U.S. History

This week in U.S. History we created a Bill of Rights for JCMS students. Each student created their own in their notebook through collaboration. I was impressed with each students' focus and willingness/ability to collaboration. I have been inputing grades for students that have finished the assignment. This is assignment is due this upcoming Monday, so 0s and missings will be input on Monday.

Next week, we will begin to analyze Supreme Court cases for an 80% assignment and then move on to how our government is structured.


Last week, we solved equations with fractions and then classified equations by one solution, no solution, or infinitely many solutions.

The schedule for this week is:

Monday--Practice & Quiz (homework assigned)

Tuesday--Writing equations from word problems

Wednesday--Writing equations from word problems

Thursday--Writing equations from word problems

Friday--Practice & Quiz (homework due)


This week we started how to manipulate sound. The students will be finishing this by the end of the week next week! We will continue to do labs in conjunction with the chapter.

There are assignments on schoology and, as always, I am an email away! nicholenay@usd475.org

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