Pastors look forward to every blessing God has in store for their church. We all pray regularly that the Lord will meet our church's financial needs, and sometimes he provides in surprising ways. Churches in Pinellas County are in the right place to benefit from the potential of a unique blessing.

BP Settlements for Churches

There is plenty of conflicting information in the greater Tampa area regarding filing claims for a settlement from BP's Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Regardless of what you may have heard, your church may qualify for a settlement - and it's not as difficult or unlikely as a recent Tampa article asserted. We are helping many churches secure settlements, and yours could be among them.

We Can Make It Happen

ClaimsComp specializes in the recovery of funds from settled class action law suits for businesses and non-profit organizations. Our experienced claims managers have helped more than 180,000 people since 1999, and have recovered more than $240 million in class action funds.

Experience Matters

As you can imagine, class action settlement claims can be complicated and time consuming. They require specific knowledge of the claims process and the legal details of court protocol. ClaimsComp is staffed with experienced claims analysts who have helped thousands of people file their claims.

No Risk Evaluation

We will provide an accurate claim assessment. There are no upfront or out of pocket costs to see if you qualify for a claim.

Fast & Accurate Claim Processing

ClaimsComp will take the hassle out of filing. We are ready to help. We guarantee accuracy, which will eliminate unnecessary processing delays.

BP has already paid out $1.4 billion in settlements, but less than 1% of potential claimants have filed a claim. Certain time limits apply, so contact us today and let's find out if you qualify to file.

Let's chat

We'll be in St. Petersburg and Clearwater next week just to meet with pastors. In the next couple of days you'll receive an invitation to join us for a luncheon where we'll share all the details. If you want to get started right away, though, just click HERE.

Herb & Tracy Sims

We started and continue to pastor Grace Life Church in Woodstock, GA and are now amazed to find ourselves assisting others with this potential financial blessing as claims managers for ClaimsComp. Please contact us if you need help or have questions.
Pastor Tony Byrd - Short Testimonial