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PES Media Center News - March 30, 2015

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April's AR Challenge is Non-fiction

Each month the media center hosts an AR Challenge. In April students can read 4 books within the non-fiction genre. Then they take AR tests to show that they have actually read the books. To qualify for the challenge, students must read within their ZPD (reading range set by STAR Test) and pass the AR tests with a 70% or higher. Teachers will use a short form to sign-off on the student’s successful completion of the challenge. Finally, students can come to the media center to pick up their reward. Each challenge has a Brag Tag signifying the challenge and students will have their names announced on WPES. To see all of this year's challenges and download the recording sheet visit http://www-pes.stjohns.k12.fl.us/media/sample-page/ar-challenges.

Congratulations to all our Pirates who met their Accelerated Reader Goals for the 3rd Quarter!

The Pirate Cove will be hosting 3 AR Celebrations in honor of our fabulous readers.

  • 2:10-2:40 Monday, March 30, 2015Kindergarten, First and Second Grade
  • 2:10-2:40 Thursday, April 2, 2015 – Third and Fourth Grade
  • 2:10-2:40 Thursday April 9, 2015 – Fifth Grade

Balloon Tree Illustrator Visit

Second grade enjoyed a great visit from Laurie Allen Klein the illustrator of many great books including one of the Florida Reading Association Books called Balloon Trees. She shared the story of how balloons are made from rubber trees. She also showed us how she creates beautiful illustrations for picture books. You can find her art at the Alligator Farm and Sea World. If you would like to learn more about her, visit http://www.lauriekleinarts.com. The Pirate Cove has 4 of the books Mrs. Klein has illustrated, but we would love to have all 10. Contact the media center if you would like to donate one of her books.

One book, two books, we have a bunch of new books!

Every week we add new books to the Pirate Cove Collection. Pictured below are some of the latest. Come check-out your favorites.