The Jamaican Athlete Winston Watt

By Meaghan

Introduction to Winston Watt

Winston Watt at the age of 46 competes in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He is on the two man bobsledding team with his fellow team mate Marvin Dixon. Winston is hoping that this is his year because he has not won an official title yet. But when he returns home to his house in Kingston Jamaica with a medal or not he will be a winner for them just for being able to qualify. But it is difficult to train in a country like Jamaica were it is always hot so him and his team mate had to move to Wyoming, United States to train.
Jamaican bobsleigh team head to Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Jamaican Bobsled Song

Jamaican Bobsled Song

All About two man Bobsledding

Two people race down the ice covered track at about 84 mph. Two man bobsleigh includes a pilot and a brakeman the fastest sled wins. They start by pushing the sled forward until about 50m and then leap into the sled before the first turn. The Pilot will try to steer the sled as smoothly through the turns as possible to prevent from running into the walls, that will slow you down considerably.
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Last Winter Olympics Winners

Last time at Vancouver 2010 Olympics the Jamaicans did not qualify for the Olympics that year so the Germans brought home the gold and silver in the two man bobsleigh and the Russians brought home the bronze.
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Common injuries in this sport

Bobsleigh is one of the most dangerous Winter Olympic sport because if you crash it usually results in a head injury or a serious back injury.
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Does Bobsled Qualify As An Olympic Sport?

I think bobsledding qualifies as an Olympic sport because it shows all of the countries perserverense to compete in this sport so fearlessly even though the risks are high that they will suffer injuries that they will feel for the rest of their lives.