Unique Hotels In Arizona And Japan

Connor Hotel

This is a boutique hotel and is located in Jerome Arizona on Main Street. It is located near the Mine Museum. The hotel was built in 1898 by David Connor and it was designed with 20 rooms and downstairs had a card room and billiards. Rooms were rented out for 1.00 a night. The hotel has burned twice luckily he had insurance and got the money to immediately fix his hotel. When you walk into this budget you will enter a gift shop/receptionist to get a room. There are 12 rooms with all different styles. All the rooms have wifi and air conditioning with a antique feel with each room. They don’t provide any food, but there are restaurants everywhere. The closest one is about 3 minutes away. You can also visit the ghost town that is a five minute drive from there. The ghost town is called coal mine where they used to ship coal. It was a working mill and it takes you back to the mining days.

Bisbee Grand Hotel

The bed and breakfast is located in 61 Main st. in historic Bisbee. They have a total of thirteen rooms. NO two rooms are alike. Each room has their own theme and all have air conditioning. Their six suites have different themes, and the seven rooms have decor. The themes are Victorian, Oriental, Captain’s, Hacienda, Western, Hollywood, and Garden. The other hotels have a unique decor for every room. It is also walking distance from many fine dining restaurants, antique shops, art galleries, and several craft shops.

Tokyo Kiba hotel

Located in Tokyo, Japan, the Tokyo Kiba Hotel is a Full-Service hotel. The main thing that it boasts is a sauna which is weird considering the rooms that they have. You can get a massage, 24-hour reception and a coffee bar. WI-FI is also provided. The rooms are literally cubes so if you are a tall person you might be a bit uncomfortable. Luckily they provide a mini-fridge along with a radio. There is a bathroom and they provide slippers. They house both a restaurant and a bar where guests can relax after a long day. It is within a 20-minute walk to Monzen-Nakacho Subway Station, which allows easy access to Tokyo. They do provide a breakfast in the morning at the hotel’s dining room.

Henn Na Hotel

The Henn Na hotel is located in Japan’s Sasebo, Nagasaki is a Full-Service hotel. Ironically in japanese Henn Na hotel means “Weird Hotel”. When you first walk into this hotel you will be either greeted by a female robotic receptionist that is a bit on the eerie side. Or you will be greeted by a English speaking velociraptor wearing a bowtie. The entire staff other than the security team is robotic starting at the receptionists all the way to the room service. You have a robotic arm that sorts all of the luggage by room or you can have a motorized cart that carries room service to your room. There are no light switches either, there is only a tulip-shaped concierge robot named “Tuly” which you have to speak to in order to turn on the lights. You can also figure out the weather forecast or the time from Tuly. Sadly the robot is not smart enough yet to show you to the nearest McDonalds or schedule a cab for you. So you have to figure that out on your own.

The Lastel Hotel

This Full service hotel offers a wide stay for young and old... but mainly it is for the dead. The Lastel Hotel is a place where families can come to stay, and refrigerate their dead relatives. The hotel will keep the dead until the funeral is ready. Since Japan has so many people dying there is not enough time at the crematory to cremate everybody's family members. They offer services to move the refrigerated member into a viewing room so the family can pay their respects to their loved one. You are within walking distance of many stores and restaurants but nothing else. Sadly people come knocking at the door and ask for a room to stay but they only have cold rooms.