Natural Disaster

Sinkholes can cause terrible disaster, these sinkholes are made naturally or human made. According to Weather Wiz Kids, humans can cause sinkholes by doing construction or mining or even a water or drain pipe breaking. The sinkholes that we are seeing now days is mostly caused by human construction. Even tho humans cause sinkholes, sinkholes can be made natural. When sinkholes are made by underground water or erosion is natural. Places that have limestone,salt deposits or carbonate rock are more likely to cause sinkholes. The biggest sinkhole in the world is in china and is called Xiaozhai Tiankeng (WeatherWizKids 2015. Sinkholes can be a very dangerous if people do construction and mining go for long periods of time.

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People might say that holes

are pretty easy to see.

But what if one was right

underneath where you work,

or where you are now, and

it right at your feet.


The way sinkholes are made

is water goes thru dirt,rocks,

and minerals. This weakends

the support that we have when

we walk on surfaces.

Sinkholes can be formed

natural or caused by people.

Humans can cause sinkholes

by drilling, mining, or just a broken

water pipe/drain pipe.

People can’t even see cracks in the

ground before it’s too late. Sinkholes

can cause accidents outside of the

sinkhole, like cars in the distance

crashing into each trying to avoid

the sinkhole.

People who are near a sinkhole

will run like there's no tomorrow.

Sinkholes are pretty dangerous,

they can be small, but some swallow


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