All About Me !

Gagan Dhaliwal

Who am I ?

Hi My name is Gagan Dhaliwal, As of 4/26/2016 10:19:29 AM i am 15 years 186 months 811 weeks 5,675 days 136,210 hours 8,172,619 minutes 490,357,169 seconds old. I was born in Etobicoke Ontario Canada. I am a grade 10 student at Louise Arbour Secondary School located in Brampton Ontario Canada.I am a very friendly, active and positive minded and inclusive person. I enjoy including everyone in activities that take place and I also love talking to others.I have lived in the Greater Toronto Area my entire life and just moved a couple of places. My favorite Hobbies and activities that I like to do in my free time include, playing video games, Dancing Bhangra which is a Folk dance originated from Punjab India , and playing sports whether its outside or inside and i really like playing rugby. My favorite subjects in school include English, and Gym. One thing that much people don't know about me , and get surprised is that i have a twin brother.

My Life Line

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When I went to one of the most world wide known City, New York City ,USA

This a moment of my life line because my experience to New york city was awesome in way that i was able to drive there and while i was driving , we went thriugh all of the cities which was awesome and this trip had all of my cousins which why i really enjoyed and liked this trip. I was capable of seeing the whole city , the statue of Liberty and infact the most important thing that i really liked during the trip was seeing where the twin towers were but sadly there not there anymore but they have pools there North and South.
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My favourite things

Bhangra All-Stars Sydney @ Bhangra Down Under 2015

My Leader Ship style

I believe that my leader ship style is a Teller because a Teller is someone who
  • Tells the team what to do and how to do it

  • Makes all the decisions

  • Does not seek input from the team or participate in task completion

  • Assumes the team members are experienced and capable.

I believe that this leader ship role/style best fits me because i am the type of person that likes to tell people what to do and indicate them into doing it. I have many examples of me being a Teller as my leadership style. One of them are that while i was playing basketball for BMBA there was a day when my coach was really sick so he called me and told he couldn't make it , the practice that day did not get cancelled in fact my coach told me to coach the team which i was being a Teller and my experience was awesome that day. The I was told my team mates what to do and we practiced hard just like a normal practice and also the up coming came was our semi-finals game which we gained victory in.

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My Main Influences

My main influences are Basketball playersv. why? because i look up to them and try to become like them . For example as i was growing up i started watching basketball and even though Michael Jordan didn't play then but from hearing about him and watching videos from youtube made me set a goal for me saying that " Gagan play basketball , never give up and one day you will become the 2nd Michael Jordan this is what influenced me to play basketball. Micheal Jordan is my influence because he never gave up which is why he is known as the best and also Michael Jordan once said: "I've failed over and over and over again in my life... and that is why I succeed".
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Michael Jordan - The Best of the Best HD

My Role Model

My main role model is my dad because he is a very intelligent person who cares about everyone and does not betray anyone.My dad is an open-hearted person which I really like of him. My dad is my role model because even though I look up to him for his good deeds , he tells me he's always learning something and so are you. He is my role model because he teaches me that good deeds will bring success and bad deeds will bring regret , My dad is like my teacher which I really like of him. my dad has always helped me how to get out of a problem without making it bigger . An example would be , in grade 8 there were these guys who wanted to fight me since I was the new guy and they came to my house , my dad opened the door and called me and then we had a huge talk and then done the problem we. My dad is always there for me whenever I need him and I really appreciate that.
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My Future

My future and dream job are to become a lawyer and a pilot. Mainly it's a lawyer and a pilot as a Backup job. I want to become a Lawyer because I am the type of person that likes to fight for people and their rights legally. I have a passion for doing good for the public.I really want to become a lawyer but after undergraduate, it is very hard to enter law school since they only take a limited amount of students. My backup job is a pilot because I enjoy traveling, it may sound dangerous being a pilot but at the same time you are basically travelling the whole world . these are my two jobs I am pursuing towards but mainly I want to become a lawyer or have any job in the Canadian law category.
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Learning Styles Test : Well from looking at this , it is slightly true that my learning style could be visual at times . I believe that the computer should have more tests/ quizzes and question based one this . I believe this because even though learning visually is something I prefer at times, but it isn't the top for me. To be honest I don't have a top learning style. I am those type people that like learning in unique ways . There I believe that the computer should have more questions.

Personality Test:Yes , I do believe that the computer's selection is correct for this part . I believe this because a ESTJ personality is (Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging) ESTJs are objective, decisive, driven and are comfortable in group settings and working with others. They gather facts, figures and information through their own personal experiences and seek stability and order. There fore I believe that I am this type of person because I fit in the ESTJ parts.

Interests Test:The professional (ec) part is not slightly correct or wrong . It not wrong because I am enterprising type of person . It is not correct because I am not a conventional type of person. So I belivee that the computer should have more quizzes and question regarding this . With more quizzes and questions the computer could have a better judgement about you and give an accurate answer.

Knowledge Test:i believe that the quiz that i did was not accurate because it did not pick up my top interest subject. My top interest subject is Law. the quiz was not directed to everything which resulted me in not having law as my top interests subject . due to this i got physical education. i believe that law is the top subject for me because i am the type of person that loves to fight legally for peoples right and freedoms. Therefore, after observing the quiz , i believe that the quiz was supported with enough questions to state a persons top interests subject.

  1. Motivations Test:For the top motavations factor part.I believe that the computers selection was correct. It was correct because I am the type of person that likes relationships also I'm capable of full filling the duty of a relation ship. According to google a relationship is the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected. In addition lawyers need to have relationships with there clients. Therefore the computer was correct.

Multiple Intelligences Test:

My strongest MI (multiple intelligence) that i got in the test was in the Kinesthetic strength, which had a top score of 80. Now the other two MI’S i had for second place were Logical strength, Interpersonal strength which had a score of 60. If looking at the third place, i had four MI’s which are musical strength, existential strength, Intrapersonal strength and visual strength which had a score of 60. Moving on to fourth place, i had one MI which was naturalist strength and it had a score of 50. Finally in last place i also had one MI which was verbal strength and it had a score of 40. I believe that this test had some questions giving accurate answers.

Throughout the test , some parts were interesting and surprising. From looking at my results there are some parts where i am confused and at the same time i am surprised because i never thought that i could have these scores as my MI. now after observing my results, as of what the test states is that Kinesthetic strength is my top scoring section. What is kinesthetic strength? Well according to it is the use the body effectively, like a dancer or a surgeon. seen sense of body awareness. They like movement, making things, touching and etc. I believe the test resulted correct because i am a person who reflects on all key factors of kinesthetic strength. My strongest MI did not quite surprise me because even before doing this test, all of my attributes reflect on the points of kinesthetic strength.But i was surprised looking at the musical strength because if you know me i'm not a music type person other than listening to music, but this test made think outside the box and which is why i was surprised from results for section 2. From Knowing my Strongest strength which is Kinesthetic strength, this strength will allow me to communicate well through body language to others like acting out, role playing.i can learn by doing physical activities such as learning how to play sports and i am capable of doing hands-on learning which allows me to know hows tings operate,function and work such as tools and machinery and etc. Therefore this test resulted correct even though it got me confused and surprised at some parts.

  1. True Colours Test:After completing the online test i have realized that the results for both test did not match infact one test gave my colour as orange and the other one as blue. i think that the reason behnd this is that the online test is more discriptive in the word terminology that they used and there questions are more serious and are directly at you. Whereas the the Google Doc true colour assesment had open and free questions which needed less thinking. i belive thta both tests/assesments were efficent and are a unique way to represent and determine your perosnality. i believe this because even though it both had opposite answers, it sitll gave me glance at what type of personlaity is . the answers reslted differently from each other because both test focused on diffrent type of concepts, some didnt need thinking and some needed alot of thinking.