The Wonderful World of Woodbury

September 11, 2020 Updates


Dear Woodbury Families,

I am so proud of our students, staff, and all of the wonderful family support in this first week. Between remote and blended it is no lie that we had some bumps and technology bruises this week, but we still did it! Celebrate it all, big or small! Here is what we have learned this week...

  • Kids and teachers are rocking being back...and our remote learners are doing a great job on their platforms! We are not looking for perfection, we promise. We know there have been challenges. The first couple of weeks of school we are easing in as families (and teachers!) continue to navigate it all. It's a major learning curve. As we progress you will see more core content and curriculum.
  • The building is so much quieter when it is not filled to the brim...we do miss the chaos...
  • Seriously, this weather...we are not ready for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Mother Nature! Next week is looking beautiful!
  • Technology Schmology..... the Zoom God's don't always want to do us any favors, but we are going to keep working through it. Hang in there with us. When things don't go right for kids and it leads to upset, we naturally try to guide them through overcoming adversity, coping with difficulty, and keeping a positive mindset. As the adults we are their models for those behaviors.
  • We can do hard things!
  • Mistakes are proof we are trying! Even if the week didn't go well, mistakes and pitfalls are a part of life. Give yourself grace and let's keep going together! I love the video below that is a wonderful way to talk about mistakes with children.
Big picture
Small Talk | Mistakes | CBC Kids

Nuts & Bolts

Self-certification and masks are going great! Keep it up! This really helps with a speedy arrival. Thank you!

Be sure to sign up for lunch for the week between Friday and Monday. The link to sign up is below.

Attendance is taken between 7:15-3:15 every day. This should be the first thing you do every day. Each teacher has provided the attendance link in SeeSaw and Google Classroom. We want to be sure you can access it successfully so please let us know if you have difficulty. We are required to take daily attendance whether you are at home or at school and it is quite a process to ensure all students are accounted for. This week if we called, we wanted to ensure that each family has access.

Please try to send lunch and food items that children can open. While we can help in a safe way, we also want to minimize exposure by not touching food items if we can avoid it.

Tech Issues? We ask that you please utilize the tech ticket system so that our technology department can help you to troubleshoot any issues. This helps the technology department track any reoccurring issues. *Please note, this is for your Chromebook devices, not forms sent out by our school such as lunch and attendance.

How to Submit Your Student(s) Attendance

This is for taking attendance when students are learning remotely at home. When in person, attendance will be taken by the teacher.


Please submit your lunch selections by Monday morning. Thank you!


This information provides details regarding breakfast and lunches for FULL-REMOTE students.

Sesame Street: Bruno Mars: Don't Give Up