Reading, Responsible,& Ready to go!

This Week in First Grade

We had a "smashing" time with subtraction!

We used playdough to play "Smash It Subtraction"

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We went "bowling" for subtraction practice!
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We used riddles to model subtraction story problems!

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We Shared Responsibilities!

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Our Class Jobs Keep Us Responsible:

Mail Spiders: These kiddos sort papers in student cubbies.

Dragonfly Delivery Team: This team delivers the attendance folder to the office in the morning, as well as bring our lunch box cart back to the classroom after lunch!

King/Queen Ant: This is the line leader!

Book Worm: This student rolls down our library books to and from the library, and helps keep classroom books organized.

Computer Cricket: This student helps friends log-on to the computer, and makes sure all keyboards and headphones are straight at the end of the day.

Lightening Bug: This friend turns on and off the classroom lights when needed.

Dancing Beetles: This duo gets to pick the songs for DANCE PARTY on Friday.

Social Butterfly: This kiddo helps the teacher take attendance by keeping up with the friends who are absent, and reminds friends to be quiet in the hallway while they get their snacks.

Calendar Caterpillar: This student helps with the calendar routine every morning.

Worker Bees: These guys stack chairs, pass out papers, and do any random job needed.

Supply Flies: Supply flies sharpen pencils, keep crayons and markers organized, pass out supplies when needed, etc.

We brainstormed how to protect our rights at school!

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We Finished Our Healthy Me Dolls!

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