TELPAS Reading

2016 Online Test Administrator Training

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TELPAS Online Reading Test Student Tutorials

The tutorials will not work in Chrome. Either use the Test Nav login through the public folders or open this link through Internet Explorer or a different browser than Chrome.

TEA has provided student tutorial administration directions for the practice sets.

Test Nav 8 - Updated from 2015

The interface that we will be using is updated from last year.

Use the HISD login that Mark created for testing:
  • Username - TN
  • Password - TN2015

(This is the very first login that you use to log in to any HISD computer. Do not log in with your normal HISD account.)

Additional TELPAS Security and Confidentiality Information

TELPAS follows the same expectations, guidelines, requirements, and penalties as covered in the General Test Security and Confidentiality Training from your campus coordinator.


  • You must attend a training specific to this administration.
  • Upon first accessing the online system, you will be prompted to read and accept a statement of confidentiality.
  • If circumstances necessitate that an online test be examined, permission must first be given from TEA. Contact your campus coordinator!
  • Only students may respond to test questions.

TELPAS Testing Procedures

  • This test in UNTIMED. Give students as much time as they need to complete the test.
  • Students should go through the student tutorials prior to testing (but not on the day of testing.)
  • Students may not use reference materials.
  • Students may use scratch paper. This must be collected and returned to the CTC (for shredding).
  • Students may either leave the room or sit quietly and read a book when they are finished.
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Prepare for Online Administration

ESL Teachers and Online Reading Test Administrators

Campus Coordinators

Prepare testing tubs for TELPAS Online Reading Test

Day of Testing

Online tasks you need to familiarize yourself with:

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Carie Barthelemess

Interim Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Accountability

Hallsville ISD