Brooker Creek Elementary

Hello Brooker Creek Families,

It has been a fun day at school celebrating not only our Bucs in the Super Bowl but also the 100th day of school. What a great way to end the week!

We hope that you have started to hear about some of the work we are doing around our school through our Student Council led campaign, Gratitude and Kindness at the Creek. We encourage you to take this work into your home and talk as a family about all of the reasons you are grateful. On Monday, I hope we are all grateful for another Bucs win!

Enjoy your weekend and GO BUCS!!

Stay well,

Jenn Mekler, Principal

News from the Art Room

Our 5th-grade students' Tag Art is for sale on the Pinellas County Tax Collector's website. The link is included below. Consider this as a perfect springtime gift, perfect for Easter Baskets, Birthdays, and Mother's & Father's Day gifts. Remember that 100% of the proceeds come right back to our school to support Mrs. Livingston's classroom to purchase quality art supplies and support art enrichment.
5th Grade Tag Art

This is a reminder to our 5th-grade families to check out our students' artwork that is available to purchase from the tax collectors office.

January Classroom Character Kids

January starts our Classroom Character Kid award recognition program sponsored by our amazing PTA for grades PreK-4th. Each classroom teacher will nominate one student to represent their class for outstanding character this school year. Teachers are randomly chosen on the month they are to nominate. Below is our first round of students being recognized and the reasons why they were chosen. Sincerely, Mrs. Prillhart (School Counselor)

Kindergarten student: Panteleimon “Teli” Pavalis Teacher: Ms. Mirando

Teli is a joy to have in our virtual classroom. He brightens up the screen each day. He works extremely hard both in class and outside of our classroom meetings. He strives to do his best. Teli is a considerate friend and very compassionate. I love being his kindergarten teacher.

1st-grade student: Olivia Adams Teacher: Mrs. Schwabe

I am super excited to announce Olivia Adams as our class character kid. Olivia has become a pro at online learning. She is always on time and wants to share her thinking with our class family. Olivia’s sweet smile and love for learning is infectious to us all and is only a part of what makes Olivia our class character kid! We all feel blessed to share the day with Olivia!

2nd grade student: Shreya Giridhar Teacher: Ms. Browne

Shreya is a student whose character shines through in everything she does; she is respectful of others, a good citizen who follows school rules and expectations of our virtual classroom, and responsible for always completing her work by doing her very best. Finally, Shreya’s thoughtfulness and caring nature towards others can be felt even though we are all in different places. Her joyful smile and laughs are contagious! Several times she has been the first to compliment a classmate who needed encouragement and has oftentimes written supportive comments to classmates in the chatbox. Shreya is a great example of a student with admirable character and we are so glad that she is part of our online class!

3rd-grade student: Dominic Ficca Teacher: Mrs. Muzyka

Dominic is a role model student with a drive to succeed in everything he does! Dominic has made leaps and bounds academically while continuing to excel at his favorite sport-baseball. Dominic always displays a positive attitude, is willing to help everyone, and always puts forth his best effort!

4th-grade student: Tyler Mokhiber Teacher: Mrs. Schneider

Tyler consistently goes above and beyond to participate and share great ideas during all class lessons. He is always doing quality work and stands as a leader in the classroom. Tyler is a joy to teach and truly demonstrates a love of learning.

Cafe Updates

We are continuing to ask our BCE families to preorder meals when possible. When parents spend a few minutes pre-ordering their child’s lunch, it allows our cafe team to plan ahead. These forms allow us to break the meals out by the teacher and have them ready when the students come into the lunchroom and reduce the amount of time they have to spend in line.