Success from the Start

Foundational Skills for Beginning Teachers

Ocracoke - Sept. 29 - Oct. 2

Open to teachers in their first, second, or third year of teaching, this program supports motivated beginning teachers by strengthening their knowledge base and classroom expertise. Through experiential learning, teachers will explore pedagogical concerns including differentiated instruction, brain-compatible teaching, assessment, the effect of poverty on achievement and behavior, and classroom management. Come prepared to build professional competence and confidence, improve student achievement, and reinforce your commitment to this critically important profession.
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Instructional Outcomes

  • demonstrate greater control with regard to student behaviors and achievement;

  • develop and articulate ways to increase the chances for success of students living in generational poverty;

  • use standards, objectives, and activities to plan effective and coherent lessons and units;

  • employ new understandings of how children and adolescents most effectively learn, remember, and recall information;

  • use formative assessment tools to collect useful data that informs their instructional decisions;

  • create and share a lesson or activity using what they learned in the seminar or prepared before coming to NCCAT;

  • give and receive constructive feedback; and

  • connect with other educators to form supportive networks using interactive technology.

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First things first...introductions

So that we can make the most of our time at NCCAT, as well as build supportive networks with other educators across North Carolina, let's get to know one another. Please click here to share where you live and 3 things about yourself - the 3 P's - using an online tool called Padlet. Please share one thing Professional, Personal, and Peculiar.
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Seminar and Ferry Schedules

Click here an updated seminar schedule.

Click here a NC Ferry Division schedule.

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Teachers Reflect on Their Practice

As one of the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards, standard 5 is about teachers reflecting on their practice. This is one reason you are attending an NCCAT seminar. You will find a supportive environment here and can learn to overcome many challenges by reaching out to your colleagues. Please click here to share one concern in your teaching that you'd like to focus on while at NCCAT. Click here for a copy of the NC Professional Teaching Standards.

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