Smart Music

Next steps

enrollment will happen at small group lessons the week of sept 29-oct

I have reserved laptops and together we will use your student's log in information to create accounts and enroll students in my class. I'll instruct them on how to download their band book and how it works. Once the account is set up at school, all you have to do is go to and click the download button. Once it's downloaded, the students can log in and start using it. If you have an i-Pad, there is also a free Smart music, just download it from the app store, log in and go!

if you have an older child that already has the software

Together we will just add your beginner band student's instrument to your current account and enroll them in my class.

Early Rehearsals start for all this week and continue through May - 7:45 am in the gym/MPR

Mondays - Elm School (starting September 29th)

Tuesdays - Oak School (starting September 30th)

Wednesdays - Madison School (starting October 1st)

chaperones for university of illinois marching band trip

I had a parent ask a great question about chaperoning because I know the classroom teachers may handle this differently. Just FYI, we take all parents that would like to join us on this trip, the more the merrier!

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