Phasmids lives are under pressure!


Phasmids- An Introduction

Phasmids live in rain forests and other tropical areas. They use camouflage to look like leaves or sticks. They prefer to eat gum leaves, making them a herbivore. They are an insect because they have six legs. A baby phasmid is called a nymph.

Why phasmids need to be protected!

Phasmids have to be protected as they are harmless insects and pose no threat to humans. Also, they need to be protected because for other animals they are a source of food. These reasons are why it is very important to have phasmids in our environment.

A threat to their survival: Predators

Phasmids are a source of food to other animals such as birds, snakes rats and mice. To

stop birds, snakes, rats and mice to come don't litter because that causes them to come. Phasmids do look scary but they are still dinner for others!

How to make phasmid population higher!

To make phasmid populations higher we should make a sign on a forest tree that says no people allowed, phasmids only. We can also make a no car day so we don't run over phasmids while we drive. People think they look scary but they are harmless! Remember to not kill phasmids. If you find a phasmid alone and sad stick insect make it a pet.

Also, children could adopt a phasmid as a pet and then give the phasmid eggs to their others so the life cycle can be continued.

At schools and in the classroom, students have them as a class pet and also they could learn about them so the students know and understand about phasmids.

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