Ancient Mayan Astronomers

Mayan Astronomy

Everything You Need to Know about Mayan Astronomy

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The Rise and Fall of the Mayan Empire

Sphere of Mayan Influence

Study this map to see the region of Mayan influence and how their placement on the global put them in a unique astronomical position.

How to Read and Understand the Mayan Calendar

Go to the following link to learn about The Mayan Calendar

Can the Mayan Calendar REALLY predict the end of time?


Please answer the following questions on your Edmodo assignment For Mesoamerican Culture. Please answer the following questions in COMPLETE sentences. Include the question for clarification.
  1. What were some of the advances the Mayan people made to astronomy?
  2. Which objects in the cosmos were most important to the Mayan astronomers?
  3. How did they structure their calendar?
  4. Whet were the practical applications to Mesoamerican astronomy?
  5. How did they build their cosmology or religious beliefs around astronomy?
  6. Describe some of the structures found in Mesoamerica devoted to astronomy. Where are they located? How were their cities constructed with astronomical orientations?
  7. How did the Mesoamerican societies' location close to the equator put them at a unique advantage in astronomy?
  8. What interesting information did you learn from this station?
  9. What unanswered questions or controversies do you see in this ancient culture?