Caroline V. 5th period

What was the change?

The Renaissance was the period when people of the Middle Ages starts to believe in humanism. It was the rebirth of learning, art and human potential when the Catholic Church lost its importance due to corrupted religious leaders.

Who were the people associated with the change?

How did the change impact society at that time?

The Renaissance allowed humanism, the belief in human potential and secular activities.

The city of Florence became popular to many people, and because of the arts and learning, many integrated to Florence.Trades increased, and learning and art flourish.

It allowed many people to learn about their potential, and what they could do with with their lives. It allow people to be secular.

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How is that change evidences in today's modern society?

The Renaissance's art and influences made lots of influences to today's modern society.

Paintings from DaVinci, and Michelangelo made influences such as the water turmoil, and architect buildings. It allows technology, and the rebirth of human potential. It allowed people today to discover things for themselves, and things outside of religions.

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