Mattie Calhoun Period 6


Russian Language

The dominant language in Russia is Russian. For example, you may hear a friendly привет, or hello. до свидания, or goodbye is regretfully spoken when you leave. Of course, you may also hear a Где находится туалет? (Where is the bathroom?) on your visit.

President Vladimir Putin

Russian Government

Russians have a Federation government, or a government controlling several different states, but with each state in charge of their own matters.

Russian Currency

The Russian ruble is the dominant currency in Russia. Russians have an exchange rate of 29.382 per US dollar, which is better than the US (0.7107) mostly because 1 US dollar is equal to 30 Russian rubles.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that Russians eat soup at least once a day? Along with soup, bread is served with almost every meal. The average Russian consumes more rye bread than anyone else in the world! A typical Russian meal has three courses. First, there is a cold appetizer, like tomato and cucumber salad. Next comes the main course, which can include blini, or pancakes topped with butter, jam, or even caviar. Desert consists of spice cakes and candy served with coffee or sweet tea.

Russians play a lot of sports. A Russian favorite is soccer. You may also come across a pair playing chess, as it it the most popular board game. Kids start playing chess and soccer at a young age, so to prepare for later competition.

St. Basil's Cathedral is a popular site in Moscow, Russia. Popular legend states that the Tsar had the Architect blinded so he could never create anything prettier. Another popular site is Red Square, the cultural center of Russia. The square used to be the boundary between the merchants quarters, and the royal houses and buildings. You may also want to visit the beautiful Lake Baikal, in Siberia.

New Years Day is the most popular holiday in Russia. This is a grand holiday, where Grandfather Frost (we know him as Santa Clause) leave presents for the 'good little boys and girls'. This holiday is very similar to our Christmas.

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