Friday Coffee Chat!

May 29, 2015

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Shining Diamonds ROCKING MAY!

Hello !!!! Happy Happy FRIDAY! I am so pumped for the weekend! Gavin (my oldest) is playing in his Baseball All Star Game, Makenna (my middle) is getting ready for her Dance recital and Cole (my youngest) is excited to help Daddy rip down our deck in preparation for our new patio...thank you BLUE CARD!!!! Family time is my FAVORITE and in between there I have a FUN trunk show!!! What a great weekend ahead of me. The beauty of this JOB is that YOU can schedule your weekends/week any way you want! YOU have the MINDSET to make this opportunity your DREAM!!! I am living mine....are YOU!??? It took time, effort, determination and a POSITIVE MINDSET! Go for it and EXPLODE the last three days of MAY!

Believe in your goals! Believe in YOURSELF!

Stef xo

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KUDOS! You are taking the FIVE day Challenge!

Have you seen the FIVE day challenge this week in your events?? Take it with us and move your business forward only 20 minutes each day!

Hello TOP in Sales for the week!

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We are planning for HOOPLA!! Will you join us???? This is an awesome and not to be missed event! It will change your business!!! Jump on board!

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