Dr. K's e-Chemistry Newsletter

October 2015

Hello Students and Parents,

It has been a very busy semester thus far. We have completed 3 Units, 5 Labs, and many Forum Discussions about the Current World of Science. I am very proud of all the work that my students have done so far. It's time to applaud our mid-term achievements and trek on forward with the same momentum under the end of the semester. Let's get it done!

I want to thank the GA Virtual School platform for giving me the opportunity to meet so many students from across the state. It has been my absolute pleasure to get to know each of the students. We are definitely cultivating the minds of future scientists in this class. I am so proud! Let's push on ahead and complete this semester with our minds full and our heart open for new scientific explorations!

This Month's HOT Forum Discussions

"Only constant is Change" - Staying Up to Date on Scientific Innovations

Every week, students from e-Chemistry have to find an article about Science that intrigues them. The class votes on the Top 5 every month to be featured in the Class Newsletter.

This month's topics:

1) Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2015 - DNA repair mechanisms


2) First Ever Octopus Genome Sequenced


3) Caution: Shrinks When Warm


4) Jupiter's New Red Spot


5) Soft Robots that changes color as it grips and walks