Christmas In Colombia

By: Caitlin Orozco

Christmas Traditions and Facts

  • In Colombia Christmas starts on December 7th, the day of "La Virgen de la Inmaculada Concepcion" or the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception. This day is widely known as "El Dia de las Velitas" or the day of the candles.
  • On El Dia de las Velitas they light candles on long pieces of wood board to make infinite lines that illuminate homes, churches, etc.
  • Other traditions include "elevando globos" which are paper globes that can be lit inside so they can fly free.

  • In Medellin it's a tradition to put lights on the Medellin River, it's also a very big tourist attraction.
  • Colombian children write letters to baby Jesus called Carta al Niño Dios. These letters go in the Nativity scene that most people put under their christmas trees.


The decorations are very important during the festivities. Many families put up Christmas trees or "El Arbolito de Navidad". Most of the ornaments are made out of many different things including woods, fibers, and materials that came from South America.

Colombia's Location and History

Colombia used to be part of a big country called Gran Colombia. Venezuela and Ecuador were apart of this country as well but not for long. Gran Colombia collapsed in 1830. This was 11 years after they had won Independence from Spain in 1819.

Primer globo con polvora de la noche