Online Bullying

Teaching Kids to be Safe Online

What is Online Bullying?

Online Bullying is the use of technology in order to harass or harm people in a deliberate repetitive hostile manner, this is mainly cause between teenagers. When an adult is involved it becomes cyber stalking. When the main ideal is to lure a child a into confrontational meeting, it is then classified sexual exploitation. Online Bullying is illegal if cases are severe and the punishments may vary.

How to Deal with Online Bullying

To prevent online bullying you should not put any personal details or pictures you dont want others to see. Try being internet smart and think before you act. Just uploading one picture to someone can end up in anyone's hands in a matter of hours and then never be deleted. If you are already being bullied online the first thing you should do is seek advice from a parent, guardian or someone who is responsible and older than yourself. Then if possible you should confront the person or people who are bullying you face to face and tell them to stop and that it is not right to bully people online.