L2 Quiz DUE

きんようび〜FridayーFeb 10, 2017

Today's Important Info:

  • L2 quiz is DUE TODAY.
    • Please don't forget to take your quizzes for lesson 1 AND lesson 2.
  • Please use the Quizlets to study your vocablary and Hiragana for this week. You can find those links below.
  • ***Note: I have to manually grade the quizzes for L2. There are a few strange errors on the grading (graded by computer) therefore I will have to go in and fix these.
L2 Speaking Assignment was due YESTERDAY.
Please make sure you say: "denwa bangou WA ### NO #### DESU". Please make sure you have the correct particles in the right place when doing your speaking assignments. Learning the correct particle usage is very important to learn to make sense in Japanese.

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Students who completed the extra credit!!

Student who got all the questions correct!! Student who scored 30/30
  • Thompson san!! ^o^

Students who completed the questions, and who scored at least 25/30!

  • Temkampol san!
  • Williams san!
  • Hennessey san!
  • Trivette san!

Completed the questions:

  • Hauptlly san!
  • Demers san!

*If you did complete the questions, but didn't score at least 25/30 and would like to do it again, please try again!!! ^o^

*If you did not complete the extra credit questions, you still can do so today! Complete the form "L2 Speaking Assignment Grammar Practice" below:

Lesson 2 Wrap Up

Make sure you have completed all of the following for lesson 2:
  1. L2 Content Assignment
  2. L2 Writing Assignment
  3. L2 Cultural Discussion (plus the 2 comments to your classmate's postings)
  4. L2 Speaking Assignment (plus comments)
  5. L2 Quizzes (Hiragana Quiz, and Vocab/Grammar quiz)
  6. L2 Language Coaching Sessions 1 & 2 (If you missed a session, make it up ASAP.)
Week 3 Newsletter

Please go over this newsletter for this week if you haven't already. ^o^