Weekly Update

Week of Dec 13-17

Good afternoon!

We had a busy week full of conferences, family night, PJ Day, Salmon release and so much learning! We have one more week before break. It is extremely important for all students to be here each day and be on time. Class starts at 7:35. That means teaching and learning starts at 7:35. Please arrive between 7:15-7:30 to make sure your students have time to get to class and be in their seat at 7:35 ready to learn.

Upcoming Dates

Now until Sunday December 12th PTO Auction!

December 13: Trauma Informed lockdown drill practice.

December 12: Last day to enroll for Winter term ExCEL!

December 15: Community Vaccine Event: Marine Park Pavilion 12:00pm-5:00pm No appointment needed. Ages 5 and up!

December 18-January 2: Winter Break.

January 3: Classes resume at 8:35 (late start Monday!)

Winter Weather Preparation- Send a change of clothes to leave at school

We will go outside for recess unless there is ice on the playground. This means rain, snow, wind...we will be outside. Please make sure your students are dressed appropriately. Every student has their own locker. They may leave items like boots gloves/mittens hats etc in their lockers for colder days. Our weather changes so quickly...It may be dry when they leave for school but be raining heavily by recess time. Another great idea (especially for our K-3 kiddos, but even 4/5) would be to have them bring a set of clothes and leave them in their lockers too... Sometimes they get a little over zealous and a fun scoot down the slide turns into soaked bottoms! Or a slip on the grass = instant soggy pants and undies.

Please make sure they bring a jacket each day to school....A cotton sweatshirt is not appropriate for Cascade Locks winters. If your child needs a winter jacket please call Danielle Herndon at the office and let us know 541-374-8467. We will get them a warm coat in their size. If you have already shopped and they have one please send them to school with it. Remember that 20 minutes outside is a long time when its cold. Our students' tiny bodies get colder faster than adult bodies (especially their hands and ears!). Let's work together to set them up for successful, fun, outdoor time!

Family Night = Success!

Thank you to all who came to the drive though and to virtual read aloud. It was so fun to see all the smiles! We have over 45 families attend the read aloud and 12 staff members! So much fun!

Second & Third Grade Release the Salmon!

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ExCEL Winter Term Sign up

ExCEL will open enrollment for the winter term which will run January 3-March 16. ALL students must re-register for the winter term, even if they attended in the fall. This is a new session.

ExCEL, Extended Community Enriched Learning, is a HRCSD program that is funded through a five-year grant administered by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE). ExCEL is an academic enrichment program that offers activities for students after school. ExCEL is free to all student who enroll. Because ExCEL is a competitive grant attendance in the program is critical. Students will be expected to maintain consistent attendance to stay in the program.

All forms need to be submitted by SUNDAY December 12th.

Registration in the ExCEL program is free. Funding for the program is provided by the federal 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant. This grant is intended to provide after school program enrichment to students who are at risk for not achieving grade level academic standards.

Once our registration has reached capacity we will select students on the basis of need. Need will be determined by the following: academic progress, social emotional needs and/or teacher recommendation. Students selected will be notified by December 17th.


If you have questions or concerns about enrollment please contact Adrienne.acosta@hoodriver.k12.or.us

Trauma Informed Safety Drills

On Monday December 13 we will practice our Lock Down Drill with Hood River County and City Law Enforcement staff. Cascade Locks Elementary School has emergency drills each month, including two lockdown drills over the course of the school year. Other emergency drills include earthquake and fire drills.

Emergency drills allow us to practice the response to specific emergency conditions. Our teachers take time at the beginning of the year and again prior to a drill to teach students the drill procedures. We will be introducing a new way to practice drills that is trauma informed.

We’d like to introduce you to Sammy the Sasquatch and a new, more trauma informed,

approach to practicing Lockdown drills. Lockdown drills can be stressful for both staff and

students. It’s important we take this potential stress into account while still practicing how to

be safe if ever a Lockdown is needed. To do this, we’re bringing in what we call Safety Coaches

to help facilitate conversations and practices in the classroom with the kids and separate

conversations with staff. The Safety Coaches will be accompanied by community partners from

law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services, and 911 dispatchers. We’ll call this the


Step one in this process is a warm introduction in the classroom to the concept of Lockdown,

“locks, lights, out of sight,” and Hold through Sammy the Sasquatch. This will be done by the

teachers, in the classroom, in the week prior to the Safety Coaches coming to the school.

When the Safety Coaches and Team arrive, they’ll visit one classroom at time. After entering

the classroom, the Safety Coaches will explain to the teacher and students what they can

expect during the safety session. Then, one of the Safety Coaches and the classroom staff will

step into the hallway for a chat focusing on the schools’ procedures for Secure, Lockdown, and

Hold. During these conversations, staff will be able to propose new ideas and/or

changes to the procedures based on their experiences and/or ask for additional support in

understanding, preparing for, and exercising the procedures for Secure, Lockdown, and Hold.

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