Did Containment of Communism Work?

By: Nyah Valeus

What Was Connected to Communism At The Time?

Moa Zendong is the leader of a communistic army. He wanted the whole world to be communistic because he thought that it is better way of life if everyone was equal, but there is another group of nationalistic group who want to have rights to being different, so in 1934 nationalist leader Chiang Kai Shek and his army of 700,000 troops fought Mao's army and made them march 6,000 miles to escape their power. Mao Zendong picked up many followers who were mostly peasants who thought being equal to the rich was a good thing. After that he was able to gain power over Russia. Soon after that in 1958 he wanted china to be huge in industry. So he took most of the framers and turned them into workers for factories and production of goods and services. Since all the farmers were at worker not enough food was being made so most of the people starved.which made the people second guess his leadership, so when he realized that the people wanted to change. He started the Cultural Revolution in 1966 which is when he got rid of any western influence ,any self expression, religions, and art. They got the teachers to teach out of a little red book with communistic ideas. If you made art it would have to be about something good about communism. This caused the people to looses any self thought. Then in June 4,1989 an unknown number of protesters were killed in Tienanmen Square. They were protesting for a number of days for democracy in China. He sent his troops to kill all the protesters.This scared many people into Communism. He would also use propaganda posters and songs to make it look like communism was good.

Korean War

The united states of america joined the war because they were scared that communism would spread throughout Asia, so in September 1950 they took over Inchon this was a good thing because they were able to take over the capital. After that the Chinese army came and fought with south Korea because they were scared that democracy would spread to china.

Vietnam war

The U.S. got involved after they attacked U.S. navy ships. After this we got congress to accepted involvement in the war. Vietnamese fought in bad ways. They would use sneak attacks and would use a secret trails into south Vietnam.This was bad because they were able to pose as citizens cause trouble throughout the country.

Well, Did Work?

I think it worked because it was able to go from 23 communism countries to 5 countries. this happened after we left because of our western influence. Also the USSR got dis-banned.This it also depends on what containment means to you. They were unable to get rid of it but they contained it. in the end america and most western countries were not effected by communism.