AIG News

December 2019

First Semester

The first semester has gone bye very quickly. We have been very busy in class. Students have been in engaged in:

  • Working on their websites which will be published soon. Students will share their websites with you only.
  • Penny Challenge
  • Noodlers
  • Break Out Digital Challenge
  • Socratic Seminar on the story "Charles"
  • Math Problem Solving
  • Goal Setting and Mission Statements
  • Gifted Awareness.

What's Coming Up in 2020?

I have a lot planned for the new year. I will be rotating activities between the two schools. Sand Hill-Venable will be starting off with the Lego Robotics and the environment. Students will be working with the robots for about a month. Avery's Creek students will do this later on in the year. It is too hard to pack everything up every week. I finally got smart and will be doing this unit at a different time.

Avery's Creek students will be doing Hands On Equations for part of the month. This is a great unit on Algebra by using manipulatives. I wish I was taught Algebra this way.

I am also trying to incorporate Mine Craft into the class. I have access to the education Mine Craft resources. More to come on this.


I just started to use the Remind Me App. My goal is to send out weekly updates on what we are doing in class. Let me know if you are not receiving them. I just started this week.

I hope to send pictures or videos as well. If you did not get into the app and would like to please follow the directions.

You can always change your settings in your profile. You will need to log in on a computer to do this.

For Sand HIll-Venable Text

@dkad938 to 828-756-3740

For Avery's Creek Text

@ek7h64 to 828-756-3740

County AIG Website

I am including the link for the County AIG Website. Here you will find the AIG Plan and other resources. You can also find other resources on my website. I have only one website. My base school is Avery's Creek. Sand Hill-Venable parents, when you click on the website it will direct you to the ACES page.

Buncombe County AIG Website

Amy Romagnuolo's Website.

Fun Ideas

We are in the giving season. I have some fun gift ideas that are great for the whole family. Try some board games. These are great fun for everyone. Board games are educational as well. I am including several family games you might want to try.


Pandemic *Coopertive game for older kids

Exploding Kittens

Blokus * Our family favorite


Apples to Apples *** student favorite in class

Battleship ****student favorite



Ticket to Ride




These are just a few suggestions. Just remember board games are a great learning tool. We learn a lot from playing board games.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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Contact Information

The best way to reach me is by email. I am at Avery's Creek Monday, Thursday and Friday

and Sand Hill-Venable Tuesday and Wednesday.


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