Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Middle Ages!

King John , William the Conquer , and Joan of Arc!

Joan of Arc : I hear God!?

Biographical Info

Name / Nick Name : Jeanne D'Arc / The Maid of Orleans

Location Domremy , Duchy of Bar , Kingdom of France - January 6 , 1412

Personality : Intelligent , Tactical , Brave , Confident

Memorable Moments

Conflicts/Battles - Battle of Sluys , Battle of Lanmeur , Quimperle , and Battleof Calias

Events - In 1428 , Joan had visions that told her to find the true king of France and help reclaim his throne from the British. December 1429 , Charles raises Joan , Her parents , and her brothers to mobility status.

Quotes - "One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it."

Unusual Facts - Has either epilepsy or Schizophrenia around the age of 12 and 13 because of her having visions of God.


Important Decisions - Her decisions on leading France to peace made a complete difference and to push away the British.

Why Care - First Woman to lead the French army , and freed the French from the English

Most significant Accomplishments/Influence - pushing England out of France , making people believe in the church , helping end The Hundred Years War

King John : I'm such a King!

Biographical Info

Name/Nickname - John Lackland / King John

Location - Atlantic seaboard—Anjou, Normandy and England

Personality - Controversial Monarch , Unpopular , Greedy , Coward

Memorable Moments

Conflicts/Battles - Battle over Normandy , King John's Campaign Failure

Events - Was King on April 6 , 1199 - till death , John became involved in a dispute with Pope Innocent III

Quote - "Mad world! mad kings! mad composition!"

Unusual Facts - Nicknamed John Lackland because he lost land by King Philip


Important Decisions - Had Signed the Magma Carta , but broke promises and some laws in the Magma Carta

Why Care - Led over 1,000 paupers per year , Committed to the Jews

Accomplishments - Seize Normandy , Takes most of his castles back , Collapse of Angevin Empire

William the Conqueror : The First Norman King

Biographical Info

Name / Nickname - William I / William the Bastard

Location - Normandy

Personality - Tough , Brave , Courageous , Intelligent

Memorable Moments

Conflicts / Battles - Battle of Hasting , Norman Conquest of England

Events - Dies from falling off a horse in Saint-Gervais near Rouen, France on 9th September 1087

Quotes - “I have persecuted its native inhabitants beyond all reason. Whether gentle or simple, I have cruelly oppressed them; many I unjustly inherited; Innumerable multitudes, especially in the county of York, perished through me by famine or the sword." – William the Conqueror.

Unusual Facts - Started from a Viking Origin , Didn't want to disrespect his mother , illiterate


Important Decisions - Established Feudalism , Stated a Strong central government

Why Care? - Had became King of Normandy , Helped on the political / Governmental ideals

Accomplishments - Took over Normandy in 1066 , in 1062 , he controlled Maine